Dec 17

I bought none of these. What do I win?  I guess my prize was getting to keep my money....

Aug 18 2019

THANK YOU! I was going to comment the same thing. These chairs/stools are loud as fuck and since people are constantly getting up and sitting down and moving them, and these restaurants are usually big, open, echo-chambers with concrete floors it’s so loud you can’t even have a conversation. I have left restaurants Read more

Aug 17 2019

It wasn’t my birthday, it was my honeymoon, but I would have happily stood there staring at Kilauea’s lava lake all night if my new husband hadn’t gently detached me from the rail after an hour or so. It’s incredible!

Jul 25 2019

This was delightfully vicious and I am HERE FOR IT. Read more

Jun 28 2019

Yep. My kid still has his factory parts installed and never once fountained at diaper change time.

Jun 16 2019

I’m sorry. Your dad couldn’t figure out that you wanted to do math?

May 1 2019

So you had me with the next to last paragraph, but you completely killed me with the final paragraph. Read more

May 1 2019

This made my day. 

Feb 5 2019

Take time to grieve. It’s a traumatic experience, even if it had nothing to do with you personally, you will be emotionally effected.
Read more

Feb 5 2019

Make sure to file for unemployment right away. Even if you have weeks of severance your prior employer is paying you. The process to receive unemployment can take some time and it’s easier for the government to not pay you when you’ve filed too early than to try and pay you quickly later.

Jan 29 2019

My thought is just to not cook it in the instant pot

Jan 26 2019

The real tragedy here is Michael himself. He was surrounded by yes-men and an entourage of people who instead of protecting him from his self-destructive behavior (including his sexual abuse of minors), endorsed his behavior by hiding and protecting him from the consequences of it. It’s those people who are attracted Read more

Dec 28 2018

Here’s a lifehack for you. Don’t drink. Ask any recovering alcoholic. They’ll tell you live is much better sober. And I know it’s hard to clean up one’s act.

Oct 30 2018

Call the office of the person you’re voting for. Ask for a ride. They’ll likely have volunteers doing shuttle runs. Quite a few do something like this, but it’s rare that I see it mentioned in the main posts. Read more

Jul 6 2018

For the edification of those not from Southern California, you can read about the history of the Thomas Guide here. My parents had ones for Orange County, and they were worth the money. The only drawback was that nobody had the physical strength to carry both a Thomas Guide and a Sunday Los Angeles Times in their arms!

Apr 28 2018

Me too! (Dec 14). I was exceedingly pleased Ophiucus was included in the article.

Apr 8 2018

This isn’t in the report but every single one of the security detail is a trained lifeguard and champion rower. These were necessary skills due to the anticipated rapid ocean water rise. Pruitt wanted to make certain he was able to paddle away from any major US city.