Well, gosh, someone who is willing to do their job no matter what the political climate is or what their personal beliefs might be. Fancy that! I can see why they don’t want him there. Read more

I hear you but this argument still doesn’t compel me. I also think of all of the people out in the world that need this surgery, and don’t rob or murder, and can’t afford it. Why is this being given to prisoners? I have compassion for the trans community but this doesn’t sit well with me. Read more

If only one of those kids had a gun! You know, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun . . . . Read more

Read up on how he tailors his suits. Read more

No. Turns out they don’t. We were wrong. Read more

You seriously mean to tell me that you don’t immediately feel safer from the violent rapist pouring across our southern borders?! That isn’t your biggest most pressing concern?? Because if you look at what we elected, it sure looks like it. /s .......Real talk - what a fucking stupid waste of our resources. Fucking Read more

Yeah, separate bathrooms based on whether you stand, sit, or hover and then we can work the rest out from there. Read more

Wait. So you mean to tell me that you went into a bathroom with men, real actual penis having men, and they didn’t all immediately grope, molest, and rape you? IDK if I can believe that. Why in the world would these law makers introduce this type of law if not to protect our women?? Read more

Big difference and reason there is because Trump is a fat slovenly disgusting pig whereas those two men are in shape. Read more

So, your advice is to make sure there’s enough money in your bank account to avoid overdrafts . . . thanks. Read more

It’s the incongruity of what you do vs. what you say. When what you’re doing is in direct contradiction of what you say, your credibility is undermined in whatever it is you’re trying to be a part of. The person who wears heels but swears they don’t to be taller while utilizing an implement that is specifically Read more

Is it just me or is every appliance photographed in the same exact kitchen? Read more

Is it just me or is every appliance photographed in the same exact kitchen?

“I don’t ever think about my age” . . . except when I get plastic surgery to look younger. Come on. Stop being full of shit Madonna and be the brave, bold, fearless woman you were. Not “shaming” plastic surgery - who the fuck cares? Do what you want. I’m shaming (god I’m so sick of that word) her sad inability to be Read more

This too! She really doesn’t have anything to prove. She should be able to stand tall and BE MADONNA. Instead, she just seems desperate and thirsty and awkward. Read more

This! Sure, she’s changed her hair and outfit and make up looks - but it’s still the same old tired shtick. And, I think beyond the whole “shame” aspect of people finding the way she behaves as unacceptable or whatever, it’s that her old ass message is old. Yeah, we get it, you’re a sexy feisty gal! Good for you. When Read more

Sure. We don’t have to. But I find her ridiculous and embarrassingly thirsty and I’ll say so because I can. She’s fine to not care, as she does. And life goes on. . . Read more

Great trailer. I’ve basically seen the entire movie. I know all the characters. I know the conflict. I know what Tessa does to get back at Julia. I can pretty much guess how it ends from there. Read more

No because I think having the presidency will just be too valuable to his business interests. He has Pence to run everything for him while he leverages the office of the Presidency and our country for his personal financial gain. Read more

On my 2nd period with my cup and I’m getting the hang of it. It’s a learning process - like all menstrual products, I guess. I still wear a pad with it just to be sure. I’m not 100% trusting yet. But i would occasionally leak w/ tampons, so, really, what’s the difference? Read more

why don’t you just check his twitter feed? (answer is no, btw) Read more