agreed. If you own balls - you should own a pump, its not expensive. Read more

heh, I like the bee-keeper one :) . I think i'm gonna borrow that for myself. Read more

Bleh, I have spotify premium and told myself I'd give google play a chance- especially before the price bump- but i never got around to it. Read more

There was a concern with the radio on the HTC ONE- I have a One, have been having trouble streaming radio myself. With good 4g coverage, songza or spotify radio will stop between songs, and I'll have to press the station again to have it continue. Read more

i don't trust the people at work enough to draw an arrow to where I keep my money

interesting, you may be right. Surprisingly my sexagenarian parents are drawn into the allure of having an iPhone, also caz their friends have it too. Blows my mind how little use they get out of them but who am I to say no.

when i'm streaming music (spotify/songza), i'll have a good network - but the service will stop working between songs while my phone is locked. I'll have to unlock my phone and sometimes restart the service to get the next song to play. Read more

Had my one for about a month now— couple things i had to fight with... maybe I have to play with it more but I haven't had time yet.
- Can't get facebook pics to sync with my contacts. Tried ubersync too, no luck yet.
- Had to change settings to get group texts, whereas imessage is easier/ready to go.
- Live tile Read more

hard not to recommend an iPhone here. I had a iPhone 4 and switched to an HTC One, I love what I can customize on it though the iPhone just....worked w/o me thinking.

Does lifehacker know about my life and post stories accordingly ? Or is that just me

Agreed. Love this site and a lot of the ideas are creative, sometimes the ideals are too cheap sounding. I actually just bought a money clip online last night. Read more

Its not non-scented, but I recently tried Irish Spring deodorant [it was on sale at wegman's for dirt cheap]. Before I used old spice but the smell was sometimes too musky/overbearing. Irish spring smells breezy and refreshing

awesome! bought it. [2$!!!]

awesome! bought it. [2$!!!]

I completely agree. What is everyone doing that they need over 32 gb of space? Read more