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I believe the word you are looking for is ugly. Read more

It’s a liver shot. Typically, a liver shot is a hook but I guess Pico punches pretty fucking hard. Your body pretty much goes into shock when hit hard in the liver as a protection mechanism(livers are important). Read more

before this paper was like getting an ikea dresser with no instructions. yes you have all the parts and might be able to figure it out. they just published the instructions on the internet for everyone to see. Read more

Getting a PhD does not make you an expert in any field of study. It’s like the prerequisite for becoming an expert in your field. Read more

because idiots would still try to dehydrate themselves before the fight and then die. Read more

You are saying Tamir Rice was a criminal? A what 12 year old kid with a toy gun in a fucking playground? Shot by a cop that fired before the car even stopped. You think the same shit happens to white kids? Read more

Stop putting yourself first. Think about how your statements of oppression look to people of color. Read more

I think the point is that the feminist movement is currently focused on white women and women of color are basically being ignored and pushed to the side. I’d argue that the feminist movement was started on the back of the BLM movement. They took that energy and that honest want and need for change then flipped it and Read more

I’m pretty sure Ben never liked Haley. Read more

Pittsburgh is my city. The Steelers are my team. I’ve listened to the sports radio in Pittsburgh. Steelers fans are idiots... so are Pens fans. Read more

I think the idea is that nobody liked him but he obviously did a good job. Letting him walk instead of firing him is probably the best outcome for everyone involved. The city of Pittsburgh is full of drooling idiots so they probably all think it’s Haley’s fault that the defense is fucking horrible. Read more

You sound a little bitter and jaded. I’m kidding. I know exactly how you feel. It’s annoying to look at someone’s life and be like “what the fuck are you complaining about your life seems like it was a cake walk and you’ve been given everything in the world???” Read more

The problem is that you can’t cherry pick science articles that validate your point. This is especially egregious for non-scientists because non-scientists do not have the knowledge base in that field to know how seriously to take a scientific article. Plenty of shit science gets published and most hard science people Read more

To be fair, Detroit IS a shithole. Read more

You kinda sound like that person who says someone isn’t racist because they dated a black person. Read more

It’s a play on words. His name is Killer Mike because he kills microphones. Read more

Walberg has been a producer on films and television shows. He knows how to get money out of studios. He has more power to do that then Williams. This shit isn’t rocket science. Is it greed? I guess so but this is America. We run on greed. Is it sexism? I don’t know. Are women kept out of production roles? No idea. Read more

Uhhhh.... that’s like some men’s dream situation. Seriously. Read more

“You know, technically, I have more of a right to be there than you. You still have your balls.” Read more

If it makes you feel any better it’s not just women that car repair spots try to screw over. I’m a half asian dude that’s pretty good at mechanical things(I fix a particle accelerator for a living) and I’ve diagnosed problems with my cars, taken them to be fixed only to be told it’s something way more complex and then Read more