Apr 26 2016

Bored son in law of Kajillionaire takes one of kajillionaires wifeys $100K car after she’s bored with it and makes it art project to boast a socialist to show how “down with the struggle” he is from behind his 8ft tall privately secured walls.....a true man of the people....

Mar 14 2016

Anyone who might have given permission for Ken Block to drive anywhere related to taking video should have seen what Ken Block does. When is Ken Block not destroying tires and leaving the evidence on pavement? I suppose he sleeps some time.
I think there must be some folks who need the cricket bats removed from their Read more

Mar 14 2016

Sorry, but I am willing to bet many of the ghosts of those who have fallen would have been cheering that shit on the whole time. We’re all cut from the same cloth.

Feb 22 2016

Waiting on those neuvo broke people stories....

Feb 22 2016

Please do tell. I am bored at work (boss is not there and i have to be boss today, I have no idea how to manage minions).

Feb 22 2016

The sponge is a red herring. That in and of itself isn’t that surprising—it’s pretty common for companies to make one enclosure that will hold the internals for multiple products, and a foam brick is a pretty common way to prevent electronics from moving where they aren’t supposed to. Actually it’s one of the better Read more

Feb 2 2016

For sure. I recently bought a Fusion (which I love) and if future me had told decade-ago me that I’d one day buy a Ford, I’d have kicked my own ass.

Feb 2 2016

Wow the angles on that are VERY reminiscent of the Accord CrossTour.

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