Aug 27 2014

As long as he's not representing the car as a Purrari with the intent to make a buck, he's covered under a)parody law and b)ownership rights. Ferrari is waaaaaaay off line in this case.

Aug 22 2014

You do realize that the new F-150's frame is still made of steel, right? I can't imagine what difference the material of the body makes for towing or off-roading.

Aug 22 2014

Sorry, but how exactly is aluminum going to fail? It's been used in a plethora of industries for years. Production cars? Check (Audi A8...). Race cars? Check. Airplanes? Check (just about all of them). Bicycles? Check. Building materials? Check. Home goods? Check. Pop cans? Check. Read more

Aug 21 2014

I had problems recently with Dodge. Had a 2009 Ram and complained about Rust issues when I first bought it with maybe 3k miles. They told me to monitor it. Well at 50k miles it was so bad it was causing cancer and pack rust. Dodge would not stand by their product and told me they wouldn't fix the $5k bill. At Read more

Aug 14 2014

I'm guessing you are one of those guys that lives in an apartment and owns no tools (aside from your 15 piece wal-mart tool kit)

Believe it or not, there are those of us out there with more skills than you can imagine yourself having. Read more

Aug 14 2014

Not always. Lots of home modifications add more than you spent. It is usually because a lot of people want to buy a home that is move-in-ready. They don't have the knowledge to put in a hardwood floor or don't want to have to use the bathroom sink while someone redoes their kitchen. If you've got half a brain, you Read more

Aug 12 2014

That is not a reason to put money down. If that was the case, then the lessee should put the money in a separate account, amortize it over the life of the loan, and draw from it monthly to subsidize their own monthly payments. With the crazy low money factors and artificially high residuals that these manufacturers Read more

Aug 7 2014

that's so sad man. Sorry to hear it. Just brainstorming here, but is there any way for you to go to autox with someone and drive it but if you start having a seizure get the passenger to pull the car out of gear and stop the car for you?

Aug 5 2014

I can't believe that no one commented on the most important part of the conversation between the two mechanics. When they say "we'll just tell the customer that we loosened the cams blah, blah, blah. " Which is/was a total lie.

Jul 16 2014

You just basically stood on top of a mountain and screamed "I'm an ill-informed idiot"

Jul 15 2014

IBM is a huge company that successfully transformed itself from a PC manufacturer to one of the most "hard core" consulting companies out there. They have an army of extremely experienced consultants, super computers and networks that almost every large business relies on. They also have an army of the top coders Read more

Jul 17 2012

Several years ago I was the co-owner of BMW E30 track day car with 3 friends, we had bought a beat up 4 door and stripped the interior put in a full, cage seats, 5 point harnesses etc. When returning the car to our storage place one day I got a phone call from some friends to meet for dinner at a place I had never Read more