Wow what a wienie.  This is what gets your panties in a bunch?

Just don’t buy a tesla. Easy peasy. Many ICE options out there.

You cant be asking this as a serious question right.  An 8 second quarter mile civic is not something any normal person would get into...... Let alone my kids and wife and blah blah blah.  My mustang had to pull wheelies to get to that range. 

I would put money down on the odds of 2060 design happening based on the current trend. Anyone taking bets? It would be funny it it wasn’t so horrifying and I wasn’t such an bimmer fan. Well ex now.

I feel like all I can do is star comments. Because my comments would not be so eloquent.

Seriously no. Rav4 is ugly already, so is the Prius.  Bring the ugly as f Urus and NO.

So weird. Apparently he was on the way to an appt.  BTW real estate agent.

The video is crazy enough.  Whats worse is the cam driver didnt even pull over to make sure everything is ok..  I guess the background music explains that.

Maybe over there but here in the SF Bay Area not so much.  We’re barely hitting 40 to 60% avg.

Ive have lots of old sani laying around. I just add more isopropyl alchohol since its so hard to find aloe vera gel these day.

Love my stinger. When the lease is up this definitely on my list.

To call you a dick would be putting down males.  You got nothing.

You said curated.  I said pass.

Wow that is terrible. I feel so bad. Now I don’t know where kids will get their daily fruit.

Totally disagree. Love the colored tops. Just another point to individualize your car.  

My Stinger. Best car I have ever bought. M5, M3, blah...... 507 lb ft torque with no major mods.

Just got home from watching this movie. Loved it. If you are too young to go through actual life experiences then of course you won’t get it.

My god that front end is fugly as fuck!

So called camp fire.  What does that mean?

So called camp fire?  What does that mean?