Feb 18 2015

If you are leaving I am sad, I enjoy your writing. I could care less about whose alter ego or whatever you are.

Feb 16 2015

Freakin' this. A brand new Accord may cost as much as a 6 year old BMW S&M7 coupe-wagon, but in the long-run (read: 6 months) it will be cheaper and more fun to drive. A car that doesn't run is no fun! Don't chase the luxury dragon without actually working hard enough to even consider chasing the turtle. Read more

Feb 15 2015

No. He did that himself by aggressively progressing from some fun auto cross events to ice racing, to being more intense about ice racing which led to his crash. He is a car enthusiast that wants to make sure everyone is aware of that fact; and, as anyone who owns a race car or track day car, or auto cross car knows: Read more