So basically a reliable Volvo XC90 that will hold its value, at 25K less ? Read more

Read it. Conclusion. MT's are "better". Wrote my comment. Read more

People won't buy wagons in 2015 unless they have some added ground clearance. They just won't. Read more

They make better taxis than the God Damned stinking panthers, especially the V. Read more

The Mitsubishi Mirage should go back the the 3rd world countries it was built for.

I'm going to send the Infiniti EX37 (aka QX50... I think) back to where it came from. You never see it on the roads, and when you do you wonder why these people purchased something that looks so boring and derivative. Why not get something interesting or good? Read more

I see your Laguna Blue and raise you a blue Laguna.

Hey, it's okay. It lives on through my car... /stilltryingtoconvincemyselfofthat Read more

The Super 25 Concept from SEMA a few years ago Read more

Yeah, but that was a trim package, not a special edition. Multiple model years, regular production, it replaced the Touring trim. Read more

Didnt they make a CLUB SPORT NC with those card club emblems on the front side fender? Do they just not consider those special editions? Read more

Someone needs to make an E30 Miata.... Read more

11. They hate us cause we anus. Read more

"6. If Ford Is For it, Jalopnik Is For It"

The truth is strong with this one. I had the exacts same reaction to all the "why aren't enthusiasts buying the Chevy SS when it's made for them?" Read more

Spoken like a true jalopnik commenter :) Read more