Nov 17

Alec Baldwin is a grumpy reactionary neoliberal straight white man. That’s hardly the “polar opposite” of a conservative. More like kissing cousins.

Jul 10

Fuck me the people on r/conspiracy are as dumb as a bag of hammers and as useless as nipples on a breastplate. It would be funny to read if so many people weren’t dumb enough to believe this shit. 

May 28


I understand your argument that it’s a small amount of money for the company. I think the problem might be that, if they pay them more than is obligated in the contract, it could invalidate the contract. If the contract isn’t enforced at this time, then when something really egregious happens, the UAW can say Read more

May 15

“Shouldn’t every American kid be in a short bus then?”
--Math teachers in East Asia

May 14

Why is the gear selector a giant lever. In the 60's there were push button transmission selectors. I understand why they fell out of favor, but it seems like there are lots of ways to solve the safety issues today. Lets just have a knob on the dash for selecting a driving mode and be done with it.

May 14

And put the dimmer switch back in the floor . Why did they move that to the steering column anyway ?

Apr 13

I’m going to pull out Occam’s razor here and go with the most likely scenario. Given the time period this is simply a home built mod by some Bavarian wrencher who either got fed up with the look of his KG or as you already mentioned parked it into a wall. Read more

Mar 24

We know what one of them was using the ether for, at least.

Mar 20

I work in the building that the door picture was taken. “No drivers in office” has been there for years, primarily for non UPS contractors, but for UPS drivers as well so that they use the designated dispatch windows rather than walking into the office and disrupting the employees there. Covid HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH Read more

Mar 11

NOVA is terrible. And, the cliche holds true... any car with a Maryland plate should be viewed as negligent at best, hostile at worst. Fuck that place now and forever.

Sincerely, Read more

Mar 11

Virginians know that, in fact, people from Maryland and DC are the worse drivers. We just call them “city drivers.” You will hardly ever go through a day with out saying to yourself, “fuckin DC drivers can’t drive a lick.” Read more

Mar 11

Would you pay that for an unadulterated Saturn Sky? No. So why would you pay it for a Saturn Sky with a bad body kit? Read more