Sep 18
September 18, 1998

On this day in 1998, tragedy of an unfortunately all too familiar sort struck the Philippines when Sulpicio Lines’

Sep 7
September 7, 1907

Although well remembered for her controversial sinking early in WWI, prior to that, RMS Lusitania enjoyed a

Sep 3
September 3, 1878

In one of the worst maritime disasters in British history - the worst ever on an inland waterway - the SS Bywell

Aug 31
Who Remembers This?

I parked next to a rusty early ‘00s Regal today, driven by a very elderly man, which featured a bunch of aftermarket

Aug 21
August 20th, 1929

The French ocean liner Paris burned and sank for the first time - yes, first. While burning and sinking just once

Aug 14
August 15, 1914

The Panama Canal is officially opened, with the transit of SS Ancon. Technically, the floating crane  Alexandre La

Aug 7
August 7th

1982 - the Cunard Line’s ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 begins its first peacetime voyage to New York, after service

Jul 31
August 1st, 1931

The new SS Rex was christened and launched by HM Queen Elena of Italy before a crowd of 100,000 spectators at

Jul 21
July 21st 1947

I’ve been thinking about this a bit - the last time international travel was totally shut down, global trade nearly

Jun 13
Had to Get Away

Working from home under a stay home order since March, stay home order until June 5th, but 9pm curfew since May

Apr 17
Its Still Available!

For those of you kicking yourselves for not jumping on this beauty back in December, you have a second chance to