Feb 21

You might want to get the oil changed and transmission fluid swapped out... it’s about time ...

Feb 21

Wow! No oil changes, trans fluid flushes, coolant flushes, lubrications, or any standard maintenance! It’s too good to be true! ...probably because it is and either you’re lying, your dad is lying, or this truck is the holy grail of ICE vehicles.

Feb 21

Is your dad’s truck a brand new model, not model year; acting as an interstate desert taxi every day; and willing to bet another 150k miles it isn’t also going to need some trim work?

Feb 21

The first like 200,000 were super low cost,” he said, but things went up dramatically from there. Read more

Feb 21

yea, a bunch of these repairs seem like the kind of thing a typical car owner would just ignore. Read more

Dec 14 2019

Agreed. I purchased a Bafang BBSHD kit (like pictured above) and commuted on nice days. 10 miles each way to work, and on days with heavy traffic I know I’m quicker than driving.

Nov 16 2019

Hot take: Australia V8 Supercars is what NASCAR always should have been.