3/30/21 11:03AM

Same boat, not a fan of gadgets, got one of these as a gift. Not that hard boiled eggs are difficult to make but now I always use this machine only because the eggs come out ridiculously easy to peel (no idea why - maybe because the shell is pierced before steaming/cooking?). A light tap and the shells usually slide Read more

3/08/21 10:03AM

We Americans can give you a few ideas as to how to get her off your currency and remove her as head of state, just saying.

3/08/21 9:24AM

Let’s not forget King George 3rd’s wife, Queen Consort Charlotte was of Portuguese/African descent. Read more

3/08/21 9:20AM

I think they were thrilled for the distraction from Andrew the pedophile and Grumpy Charles. 

3/08/21 3:30AM

Oh, the Daily Fail loves comparing the Sussexes to Wallis & Edward, even though the two stories and couples couldn’t be more different. For one thing, Wallis and Edward were straight-up Nazis, Wallis actually wanted to remain Edward’s mistress so he could stay on the throne, and yeah. It’s just a lazy, deliberately Read more

3/08/21 2:47AM

That thing was a whole Nazi married to King Whole Nazi. Like, let’s be honest about the abdication, England. It was less star-crossed lovers and more “we can’t have the sympathizer be king DURING the war”. Don’t even get me started on Phillip and his sisters.  And to compare the black princess to her...Come on.

1/25/21 9:42AM

The qualities that make a good press secretary do not equal the qualities that make even a barely competent governor.”

Let’s examine the idea of SHS having those qualities in the first place.  

1/04/21 10:43AM

Most people would call it junk, but my grandmother who was into ceramics made this fisherman lamp. When the lamp stopped working and would cost more to replace I removed it. I now keep this fisherman with a scarf and my uncle’s ring tied around (he was her son). Since I have no children, makes me wonder who will keep

7/02/16 10:45PM

As already mentioned, McAfee is not very good as antivirus software goes. It is also notorious bloatware. Symantec is similar in those respects. I would uninstall pronto. Read more

7/02/16 7:38PM

Not vouching for the site in question (as I’ve never been) but you should really do away with your McAfee. It really is a horrid software. Windows Defender should be much more superior to your current anti-virus.