Dec 3 2019

Lol, there is nothing “silly” about recognizing the (not all that) modern phenomenon where women make their own money and support themselves and are capable of paying their own way. (Also, for a variety of reasons, not sure you can really ascribe men tending to pick up the tab to “hundreds of thousands of years of Read more

Nov 12 2019

Places that cheat to try to nickle and dime their patrons are usually on their way out anyway. Read more

Nov 3 2019

Oh the fun of being a woman. If we do complain we get called Karen in a millisecond. If we don’t complain we get jack all and get blamed for not complaining. Do I need to point out the irony?

Oct 15 2019

“Actually shops at a farmer’s market” should start shopping at actual farms. This shit goes down all the time at the farmer’s market too.

Sep 13 2019

I think it’s Christina Applegate because she was married to Johnathon Schaech who was famously Ellen’s beard. 

Aug 19 2019

Yes you can expect people to be respectful of your things. What is this bullshit? There is no way he didn’t know better and was doing as he pleased because he’s an entitled ass. 

Aug 2 2019

I know. It always made me laugh at the editors insistence that Playgirl was for women only, when it was obvious that mostly gay men were buying it. At least in their later years they sort of half acknowledged who was really buying the magazine.

Aug 2 2019

They’ve always had women and gay writers. In their heyday, the “Playboy Interview” was the gold standard of journalistic interviews. They’ve always taken liberal political stances (including on women’s rights and lgbt rights). The publisher was a woman for over 20 years (Christie Hefner). Read more

Aug 2 2019

Through the decades, the writing in Playboy has actually been quite good.  This isn’t some huge departure.  

Jul 27 2019

Why would they need “years” of phone data for a rape?  To dig through her past and decide if she is a “whore” or not and/or not worthy of justice?

Jul 11 2019

This. They're not leftists they're just lazy fucks who don't want to work and like fucking hipsters. 

Jul 11 2019

A recent anonymous blog criticizing Khachiyan and Nekrasova included photos of the latter hanging up an SS flag in someone’s house...She also wrote in a 2015 tweet, that she will doubtless also argue was a big joke for fun: “Let’s be clear on one thing. I am not and have never been a liberal or a leftist. I’m a Read more