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Barry! Noooooo, not again!!! Read more

She’s amazing and we need her for so many reasons Read more

I’m going to vote for him still, of course. Your humor has helped me deal with this horrible shit show, so thank you for that. But, hey, this still is priceless (and by priceless I mean it’s gonna haunt my dreams).

The problem with this whole thing is that while I’m sure there will be a great team working hard on this show, the Ren and Stimpy name is tied to Kricfalusi. He won’t get money and won’t be involved but there’s no way you can untie him from the show. Most importantly of all, however, is there are plenty of amazing Read more

be hosed down with orange Skittles paint in the presidential bathroom Read more

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I saw the video, I saw the look on Derek’s face as he killed George. Yes, it’s great he’s being arrested, yes, I’ll be thankful to see him behind bars, but honestly, this pig deserves life. Read more

Sayer and Wolf 359 are two amazing podcasts! Read more