Sep 3 2017

I love how you turned a really cool story into a negative. Cause what this world needs is definitely more negativity.

Sep 2 2017

We tried to forgive and unify with the post Civil War south. They drove the carpetbaggers out and instituted regressive, punitive Jim Crow laws because they didn’t get their way. We should have burned that whole region down, dissolved the states, and treated it like new territories.

Aug 18 2017

Damn, that’s rich. It’s always those dudes who boast a little too much about their war service. They’re always complete fucking frauds. I’m looking at you, Jesse Ventura and dead Chris Kyle.

Aug 13 2017

Was someone arrested for something they said? No? Then no ones freedom of speech was violated in any way.

Aug 8 2017

I think the suggestion that women are more emotional and can’t handle high stress jobs is sort of rich coming from a person that wrote a 10-PAGE MANIFESTO about HR.

Aug 3 2017

As if we weren’t already mourning the loss of the American Dream. What a poor show of humanity. The fact that undocumented immigrants could move through and up in our education system was the last gasp of hope for an untold many. No sancuary cities, no higher education, no chance of proving yourself “American”. How Read more

Jul 31 2017

Well, Charlemagne tha god’s radio show isn’t for progressives, and calling him one is... inaccurate at best, I think. Read more