Rachel Fogg
Jun 28

Social distancing. Tycho made a Gabe Doll and stuck his phone in there to simulate Gabe actually being there since they’re under quarantine. 

Jun 25

I didn’t know it was even rehashed. I just found out this morning and my enthusiasm for the game has evapourated. 

Jun 25

I’m excited, but still in the “why is this first person” camp. IIRC when the game was first teased/shown off, it was third person. They have the experience from the The Witcher so you would think it’d be the obvious choice. First person melee combat is usually bad. First person stealth is hard to do right, as the Read more

Jun 25

This is rehashed every time the game is brought up I know but man I really wish there was a third person option for this. I have the same issue with stealth in first person and in general, have an easier time with perception in 3rd. I absolutely love everything I’m seeing about this, and if it even hits 1/100th of the Read more

Jun 25

I was really looking forward to this until you mentioned hacking and stealth.

The only two games I’ve ever really given up on were Dishonored (for it’s first-person mandatory stealth) and Deus Ex (for its incomprehensible hacking mini-game).

How exactly does hacking work in this?

(Reposted, since this wasn’t meant to be Read more

Jun 24

Urg, these sexual abuse articles are very resonant to what I’m going through with my own matter of being groomed from the age of 12 to 16 by an uncle’s husband. So to speak, he thrives while I merely survive. My family is supportive but my personal struggles with PTSD and anxiety (especially towards men) have really Read more

Jun 23

This, exactly. It’s perfectly find to have as lore “Drow splintered off from surface elves, fell under the thrall of Lloth, and in worshipping her have developed a culture that celebrates dominance and brutality as virtues.” As opposed to “Drow are like elves, but they have dark skin and are EVIL BY NATURE, except for Read more

Jun 23

The notion that entire, sentient races are naturally predisposed to certain levels of intelligence, or moral alignments, is baked into the game. That’s not the same as talking about “good and bad sides”. Read more

Jun 18

I assume you saw SkillUp’s review on YouTube? Great, critical review. The comparisons to G0T season 8 and the new Star Wars trilogy were big red flags that helped convince me to cancel that pre-order.

Jun 18

Yeah, the transphobia is really disturbing and taints any conversation about this game. I feel that people should at least acknowledge the hate and clearly refute it, especially if they disliked the game.

Jun 18

Thank you so much for this- I’ve been on the fence about getting this, even though I’m a devoted fan of the first game. There have been so many transphobic and misleading things coming out since the leaks, and it’s been hard to tell what’s actually real vs what’s just transphobic bullshit.

I think I’ll wait a few days Read more

Jun 18

And as we know, that delay was SO FUCKING WORTH IT.  God damn I forgot how in love with Remake I am.