Rachel Fogg
Nov 6

It’s not similar to Chappelle at all. DC made some poor taste, backward jokes in a way that wouldn’t have been noticed in the early 90s. He shouldn’t have done it either, but it was one (painfully long) bit in an hour-long special. If anything, the shock came as much from the reactionary stance as it did from seeing a Read more

Oct 30

On the plus side, he is not the only person who works at Arc System Works who understands rollback netcode. While annoying that they still were working with him, it’s good to see they let him go until the situation is resolved. Read more

Oct 30

IT GETS BETTER! Since the low frame-rate is a mod, you can take it off and apply it to ANY OTHER SUIT in the game!

Oct 29

I can only recall 1: he was an optional character in the first 2 Suikoden games. Had a gun(in a sword/magic/tonfa fight), a dark past with a clan of assassins and a ridiculously hard to complete(think ff9 Excalibur2) sidequest with one of the neatest story payoffs ive ever experienced. 

Oct 28

“They’re getting kicked in the balls five times a day.”
“That’s nothing! Sometimes I get kicked in the balls six times day!”
“...and you’re proud of that fact?”
“Yep! It hurts like hell, and I hate it, but I’m personally happy to do it!”
“Cool, I guess. But what if other people would prefer fewer nutcrackings?”
“That’s Read more

Oct 27

My only real exposure to Terry Bougard was the fatal fury anime that they would show on Scifi when i was younger. was he always an asshole in the games or is this some out of character shit done for a joke?

Oct 27

Here’s a crazy idea:

Let your developers work at a reasonable pace and set your release windows to actual, realistic time-lines in the first place and then you don’t have to push shit back a million times because your project managers can’t seem to figure out how time works. Tell marketing to shut the fuck up and not Read more

Oct 23

“It concludes with an unrelated but unsubtle political message: “TRUMP 2020.”

“Loris said he’s a Trump supporter . . .” Read more

Oct 21

AOC is a goddamned national treasure. Unabashedly progressive, kicked moderate ass in her elections, calls Republicans on their bullshit, skillfully claps back when they try to attack her, and she somehow successfully managed to merge political awareness with Twitch in a way that didn’t feel forced or scripted? In my Read more

Oct 20

Not sure if this means he’s joining at all. But he is decidedly left-leaning and rational. That’s why I enjoy his content.  Read more

Oct 20

Someone should really make an alternative to Twitch!! oh wait..