Andrew Pascarella
11:51 AM

This is so strangely fascinating. This is modern archaeology, without a doubt. 

3:07 PM

Ride sharing idea: It’s called “Hopon” I pay a stranger through an app to hop on their back and carry me. Think of all the homeless we can give jobs to.

10:23 PM

Thanks for the Talon love. I was NOT the Jalopnik winner. My car was the other tan Talon. Also, I had the bumper painted on my Talon about 15 years ago, recently it started to flake on the top, drives me crazy when I see it. 

2:49 PM

A little trick I’ve picked up over the years is to pop the center cap off the wheel, (you might have to take the wheel off) then you can crank on the axle but without fear of rocking the vehicle off a jack stand, because the weigh the vehicle is on the wheel and tire. Also keeps it from spinning on you if you don’t Read more

1:23 PM

This is exactly what I was thinking while reading this. I like seeing people repair cars the way I too, nice and clean and methodical.

9:34 PM

I don’t find them that hard, it’s annoying when the coil plug on the harness cracks and you have to replace it in place. To be fair, my tolerance of annoying automotive fixes is crazy high.

9:06 PM

Have I got a podcast for you. 4 cylinder Raider/Monteros are high on charm, but the G54b can be fickle. If it doesn’t have an OEM all brass radiator, find one. The plastic ones can burst and ruin your day. The stock carbs with all the emissions crap are garbage. If you don’t need to pass smog where you live, toss a Read more

3:54 PM

True story; just like any hobby, it sometimes turns into how much money you can spend on gear. Photography was getting crazy for me, so I forced my self to get better with what have and stop thinking I needed to buy the next piece of kit to be better.

9:37 AM

The 70-200 f2.8l IS is one of my favorite lenses. Literally the one I would never part with. It’s a true workhorse and so versatile.