Apr 11

Because Hunter Biden isn’t a mouthpiece for the administration? Because he’s not purposely going on all of the talk shows trying to get himself a future Senate seat? Because literally nobody in the entire world outside of the Biden family and the psychotic right wing care, even one little tiny bit, about Hunter Biden?

Apr 9

Unfortunately this is basic due process. People have the right to defend themselves before facing legal consequences. Basic due process is that someone accused of wrong doing gets to know when, where, and who of the accusation. Read more

Apr 8

Yeah, your kid isn’t going to figure out healthy eating on their own, he’s a kid. My parents let me eat whatever I wanted when I was a kid, we’d have cases upon cases of pop in our house at all times, along with a bunch of unhealthy snacks. I didn’t change my eating habits until I was almost 30 and I still slide back Read more

Apr 6

I don’t understand why Jezebel can’t evolve and stop picking people apart with mental and addiction issues. I know this site is known for snark, but this isn’t funny or cute and people are more sensitive to these issues than 10 years ago. Also, there is nothing wrong with a multi generational household. I feel like Read more

Apr 6

Lament how Britney Spears was treated, then pick pick pick away at Pete Davidson?

Apr 6

I know this is Jez, but what is up with the headline? Are we shaming adults for living with family members, especially adults dealing with mental health? It is common in many communities across the world for adults to live with their extended families. As a mom, I actually wish it was more common. Raising a toddler Read more

Apr 5

Agree. i think it is hard to have a discussion about cancel culture when the conservatives use the term to mean calling out actual nazis, but there is a toxic element in progressive circles of crucifying people for misspeaking or saying something stupid years ago, and using one insensitive or even racist remark to Read more

Apr 5

However, having written that, I’ve also seen events of people paying a, to me, far disproportionate a price for dumb tweets or comments from ages ago because of that current social media backlash. Read more

Apr 5

Really intriguing piece on the subject. Personally, I’m a bit torn on the cancel culture discussion as a whole. Largely, I do agree that it is this boogeyman concept that is astonishingly often proclaimed about considering that it is supposed to silence people. Also by making those claims, those parties are actively Read more

Apr 2

I’m about your age, and I don’t remember a lot of dress code fooferaw in my (mostly white) suburban high school. Certainly no concern over the angle of a cheerleaders spankies. And I know exactly what velour/terry cloth onesies you’re talking about, but those were more jr. high for me, and in a heavily Mormon area, Read more

Mar 26

I don’t disagree with your decision to not leave your child in this person’s care, but the way you’re talking about her kiiiinda makes it seem like you’re being gleefully haughty and judgemental about someone who is clearly struggling with mental illness, which isn’t a great look tbh.

Mar 25

You want a cloned society? because thats how you get a clone society.

Mar 24

Spears’s debut single was “Oops I Did it Again,” and she was dressed in a catholic schoolgirl uniform in the video.The idea that her creative and publicity team wasn’t deliberately making her a sexy Lolita figure in service of fueling her transition from the Mousekeeteer Club to mega pop star is absurd.