Cyber City Oedo 808 is a 1990 cyberpunk original video animation... Read more

Hey Kenneth, if you don’t want people criticizing your avatar, maybe stop making it the focal point of every article you write. That or stop erasing people’s comments about it. Read more

Being able to do a good impersonation is not the same as being a good voice actor. Read more

Way to skip the last paragraph of the article bud. Read more

‘All Of Sony Systems’ and they only got 6k files? Read more

The domestic violence charges were dropped, yes. I’d imagine the dozens of screenshots and saved convos of him leveraging his position to send inappropriate messages to minors was kind of the bigger deal to the company that makes cartoons for teenagers. Read more

A lot of people also fail to realize that despite the “created by” credit Justin Roiland receives, he actually has done less than 5% of the writing across both of those shows. Dan Harmon handles a lot of the writing and direction in addition to a writing team that helps write a majority of the episodes. Read more

So, I do mostly web development these days, and “we have your HTML” is maybe the stupidest non-issue I can possibly imagine. Read more

Yeah. “HTML data”.... I mean, most modern sites have the HTML just be the general structure of a page- there’s no db data or even styles. If anyone is going to steal anything, that’s the least of your worries. I guess if they somehow captured the source of front-end rendered web pages that displayed internal data, Read more

Ah yes 4/11.  Got Infamous and Little Big Planet out of that one. Read more

I lived through Sony 4/11. Never forget. Read more

If they aren’t paying there is agood reason. Either they don’t believe they have anything of value or they don;t believe the obviously malicious source will keep their word and continue to try and extort them for more afterwards. Read more

Seems like hackers from Russia and Ukraine would have more important things to spend their time on right now Read more

They’re now claiming they can finally start using NFTs for their intended purpose, which is...something something contract or signature authentication or something something I dunno. It’s alluded to in this article. There is apparently some magical valuable “use” for NFTs beyond just overcharging people for a Read more

Cowering in fear of your brutal “I told you so”! It’s your time babayyyy! Read more

Whenever an article critical of NFTs was posted back in the day people would come out of the woodwork defending how valuable and revolutionary they would be and how you just “didn’t get it”. Where are those people now? Read more

A good and expected result.  Now can we never talk about them again? Read more

Probably not with a 20 year criminal record and if he did serve I promise you he failed out of basic. He looks like another one of those I would have knocked a drill sgt out if he got in my face wannabe little bitches.  Read more

Since he apparently breathes and, presumably, has a heartbeat, his Medulla oblongata is fine. Everything above it, though, seems to be feces.
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