Quint forever grey
9/22/16 1:28PM

It’s a shame because I usually really like trendy kat’s articles when they are about actual stuff. Maybe I can just convince myself she wrote something really cool about janeway and some dick rewrote it to be this.....yeah that’s it.

9/22/16 11:35AM

They have to make up for the click loss of Gawker folding one way or another. Read more

9/22/16 10:29AM

Katharine quite likes telling other people what should be considered right or wrong and what is the “new moral consensus” we should all embrace based on... well, nothing really. Read more

9/22/16 10:08AM

No, I understand. I am saying that I don’t think she did this article for page clicks (but she will get them). I think she actually feels this way and thinks everyone agrees with her.

Now whether her editor saw it and went “Woo Hoo! Page Clicks!”

8/31/16 6:33PM

I’ll be shocked if he’s not playing a Maester.

8/31/16 12:48PM

She survived a horrifying abduction by Kevin in July, later telling police that he held her hostage in their home for twelve days, restraining her with a cord around her neck, binding her hands, and taping her mouth shut.
Read more

8/31/16 10:27AM

Ooh feisty, you tell em’ Miata driver 👏👏

8/31/16 10:15AM

I strap down everything except the first aid kit, so that when I collide with a wall like that it conveniently flies directly into the back of my head and I can get right to work patching up any surviving family members. I’ve always been a planner

8/31/16 10:15AM

You are welcome in my world. I don’t read either of those and I don’t have cable. Bliss.

8/31/16 9:26AM

If there were an opportunity for us to make another film in the Warcraft universe, I really feel like we did the hard work in the first movie as far as setting the table. Read more

8/31/16 9:23AM

We ran that there well dry and we’re headin’ right into another spoiler depression. Start paperin’ your walls with old film magazines: it’s gonna be rough winter.

8/31/16 9:20AM

Sometimes spoilers are few and far between. Remember when Dan Entwistle told of that day in Hollywood Desert, where James found the Last Spoiler?

8/31/16 9:18AM

The folds in the suit and the way he’s stood makes it look like he’s just started to deflate.

8/31/16 9:07AM

God I love the opening title sequence for this show.

8/30/16 5:46PM

No, I wrote that somewhat confusingly. For a lot/most of people who worked hand creating things, life didn’t get better right away (or at all). But eventually we ended up with the gilded age of manufacturing that everyone is now mourning and trying to bring back. I think we should be learning from those lessons and Read more

8/30/16 5:16PM

All these arguments are premised on the idea that providing McDonald’s employees with the ability to pay rent and feed their families is outweighed by the accompanying ten-cent increase in the price of Big Macs for the rest of us.

8/10/16 11:31PM

Blasphemy, you dont need a story, just blow some CG stuff up and win.