11:09 PM

The more I hear about the minutia of her life as a congresswoman, the more I fucking want to hug her and give her wine.

12:39 PM

Wendy claimed Christie faked a major injury to further Sailor’s career. An injury that needed surgery and likely will lead to some permanent change to her life at her age. With no proof to back up her nasty claims. All because she’s still bitter that she was sent home so fast when she participated on DWTS. Wendy Read more

11:40 AM

Wendy Williams has been terrible ever since her local TV show days. I’m certainly not going to like her, or support her now. Read more

11:09 AM

I disagree, I think this is a very important correction. Not just because geology is interesting, but also because in a larger perspective, misinformation, disrespecting science and making up things, thinking “that sounds about right” and present it as truth without bothering to check, is a blight on civilisation.

10:24 AM

I tend to be very direct and tell them that I unfortunately don’t have time right now and need to go continue work on my project/deadline. Read more

3:00 PM

I mean, I doubt the mayor has any control of the school district whatsoever. 

7:26 PM

I have a Better Homes & Gardens cookbook from maybe 25-30 years ago that has a lot of basic recipes. Want to know how to scramble an egg or bake a potato? It’s in there. Nowadays, people could just check spend 30 seconds with Google to find the answer, but that wasn’t an option then.

3:40 PM

This reaction is completely hysterical and irrational.  If your reaction to the loss of a rifle is violent insurrection, that’s not exactly a solid argument to let you keep your firearm.  

8:59 PM

Yeah, that’s always a struggle.  Bras suck, in general.  

8:58 PM

I went to Trousseau in Vienna, VA last time I was in town.  They gave me a bra that they used for fitting and it fit well the first time.  Turns out the lace bras work better for me rather than a molded cup.... though I still love molded cup bras.  

5:51 PM

5:3, not too bad of a ratio. Or maybe 6? There might be an old sports bra hiding in a drawer somewhere that I will never wear again. I know I had one once upon a time. Read more

10:26 AM

If you really want to answer what the best supportive non-underwire bra is you might want to try /r/brathatfits. They have tons of resources on how to measure and fit yourself. Once you get your measurements you ask a question you will probably get help in a few hours. Personally I don’t wear non-underwire bras Read more

8:32 AM

I have 7 and I wear them all. Two are clear favorites and one is really just for around the house. In the past, I typically had 1 or 2 because I am unable to wear underwire. I had costochodritis (inflammation in the cartilage between ribs). Underwire made it worse so I wore a nursing bra for about a year and could Read more

1:20 PM

Um, or maybe they thought your name was Isis. Fuck this dude. As someone who used to work for Starbucks and a brown person who has a name that is frequently mistaken for Isis he seems to be making a mountain out of a mole hill. It’s not like his name was Mohammed and they called him Isis. Aziz is pretty damn close. Isi Read more