Jun 17 2018

Tell me where the government is involved or his change in livelihood is due to Congressional hearings, and I’ll agree with you about the “Macarthyism”. Read more

Jun 10 2018

They had to be physically attractive fit young people because that’s who Wachowski saw having lots of orgy sex in her fantasy conception of this show. It’s so annoying and I couldn’t deal with it.

May 16 2018

The Mrs Columbo spin-off made NO SENSE, as she didn’t seem anything like the person Mr. Columbo would describe in asides, let alone the wife of a rumpled detective. She was sleek and seemed more like a single college professor on an urban campus than Mrs. Columbo. And making her have the same verbal cadences as Falk Read more

May 16 2018

Looking at “Ozzie’s Girls”, I suddenly realize that we have the complete influence for “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”. It’s uncanny.

May 14 2018

Just when I couldn’t get any more tired of hearing about fucking “Deadpool 2", South Korea gets dragged into their ‘ho stroll of a marketing campaign.