I have never smoked in my life, but I can understand people getting hooked on smoking at a young age or while in a stressful job more than I can understand so-called medical professionals deciding not to get vaccinated without a serious reason. If they’re smoking outside, at least the only people they are harming are Read more

Yeah. Fieri belittling people who drew unemployment benefits rather than work for wages far less than unemployment is kind of concerning. It makes his philanthropy look like it’s less he’s trying to address systemic issues and more a performance for his brand. Read more

you’re saying that there’s nothing racist about implying a person of color’s accomplishments, struggles, achievements and position are all meaningless and valueless and that she was only hired for her skin color?

That’s a hell of a take. Read more

She said the person ESPN hired for the job she wanted only got it based on her race, and that ESPN was just trying to meet some sort of diversity quota.   Read more

You left out the part where the things she said were blatantly racist.   Read more

followed by seeing Botham likely heading directly at her. Read more

This, really, is the crux of the issue: the means in which this was possible is more horrifying than it actually happening. Sure as shit can’t blame any in this rich people space race for wanting to go to space - let’s not act like if any one of us woke up with billions in the bank in excess of what’s needed to live Read more

While there are certainly people who believe some people shouldn’t be billionaires... Read more

Here’s Half Life: Alyx instead! ...... oh and you need to pay a grand for hardware. Read more

I seriously don’t get how SO many people were involved in covering up for and defending this guy. Do they think this shit just...goes away? That people who compulsively molest kids and get away with it time and time again eventually decide to stop if you remove any possible consequences and keep giving them Read more

I see this take more and more lately and I don’t really get it. Seems like people are just trying to be contrarian. I love both films, they’re both pretty close to perfect as far as I’m concerned.  Read more

A major takeaway from Season 1 is that Natalie Holt is a phenomenal composer. I just loved the music and how it kept building and reinventing through the final episode. Read more

*I'm not fighting Kinja to try and post links, but Google can direct everyone to sites they trust to access information.  Read more

It’s kind of funny how the males of the GQP like to promote themselves as these strong, alpha types who must control women. Yet the way they all cave to the biggest manbaby of all only shows their weakness and lack of balls. Read more

This is not missing that context. It’s obvious that they were going for the same job (otherwise Nichols’s comments don’t make sense), and you are just making an excuse for Nichols’s racist “she’s a diversity choice” bullshit.  Read more

Much ado about nothing.

Those offended by this “change” are the same neckbeards upset about Luke being a real broken person in VIII and uses the term “Mary Sue” a lot.

The aforementioned Wolkoff even asked Ivanka via e-mail if she wanted this event to “be hosted at the National Museum of African American History or the National Gallery of Art.”

Rather than doing something within the scope of the video game, they should do sometihng like the HUman-Turian First Contact war. Read more

I find it fascinating that when people draw back the curtains on that cluster-fuck of an administration, the details of what actually happened are completely unsurprising. Read more