Jul 21
ID Hit and Run

We had a hit and run of a bicyclist last week and the police have released a halfway decent picture of the offending

Apr 29 2019
Quiz Time

Paging through an old science book from 1991, I came across the topic of electrolysis. As an example they cite the

Apr 7 2019

The old carriage shed next door needed to be torn down. It’s a cool structure, but extremely rotten. Like kick

Apr 2 2019
Spring's A-springing

It’s spring here is Wisconsin, which means there’s still a huge pile of snow outside my office window and it snowed

Dec 7 2018
Paging Zoidberg

Since several of us lamented the razing of a cabin so that yet another monstrous house could be built, I thought I

Nov 8 2018
That's All, Folks

2-5" of snow expected starting tonight. I’m sure they’ll start brining the roads this evening, and salt while they

Nov 1 2018
Seems legit

Spotted on the morning commute. It’s hard to see in the pic, but his truck was sitting waaaay low in the back. 3/4

Oct 27 2018
5 Days Without a Car

Flew out to our cottage to close it for the season. We usually drive, this is actually the first time in my life

Oct 22 2018
Rough Day

My wife drove the SS to work because I needed her car to transport a lawn mower. Shortly after arriving at I work, I

Oct 4 2018
Unnecessary wrenching

My biggest complaint with the SS is the brakes. Not how they perform, but how they sound. Under light braking they

Sep 24 2018
AWOL Fords

A few weeks ago it dawned on me that I haven’t seen a tenth generation Ford F-150 on the road in a while. So I

Sep 1 2018

Oppo is infiltrating Shanghai...

Jul 6 2018
Beater Truck Friday

My cottage-neighbor brought his awesome beater pickup truck to our little enclave of cottages as a work truck for

Jun 27 2018
RIP Autotrader

Autotrader has officially jumped the shark. Their new interface is now showing results that do not fit the search