5/26/16 1:24PM

and all rifles are assault rifles, and all assault rifles are AKs and all pistols are glocks.

5/24/16 5:23PM

No fair, they didn’t test the Mustang in real-world conditions.

4/22/16 8:16PM

Sergio gets a metric shit-ton because FCA is based in Europe; the other two get a standard shit-ton.

4/22/16 8:06PM

Is that a metric shit-ton or a standard shit-ton? Details make the difference.

4/22/16 6:16PM

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? I spent 3 years on that program and not once did a person ever have a problem with the shifter. Can they recall cars because the drivers are morons?

4/21/16 9:40PM

I wish there was a way for us to thank this man. Applause to you sir!

3/06/16 11:06AM

“Commercial air travel sucks enough most of the time already, so keep your hands, smells and smoke to yourself to preserve what little dignity there is to be had on a jet.”

3/05/16 4:45PM

Even with DMX out of the limelight, good to see Ruff Ryders still going strong.

2/26/16 10:29AM

Having a neutron star lighting your way is very useful for lots of things. Sadly blinding people on the highway happens way too often. If only police ticketed their use on-road as much as they should.

1/07/16 9:27PM

Yeah, but a lot of people who don’t have the urge to be boy racers would rather have the quality interior and still get over 200hp. You can zip around in a 252 hp A4 and not have to look at cheap plastic everywhere.