12:16 PM

Actually, it physically has a 2.4gal tank, but is electronically limited to shut off the fuel pump at 1.7gal in order to qualify for the California incentives as an electric vehicle, which have a formula for determining how much of a vehicles range comes from electric alone. It’s a weird limiter, but thankfully it can

10:47 AM

Why have automotive manufacturing jobs been going to Mexico, Canada, and other countries? The answer is the UAW.

10:46 AM

He’ll be completely hypocritical about it, supporting the UAW while ignoring the union-busting tactics he employed when workers at his own hotels tried to unionize.

10:45 AM

I would argue that the benefits they’ve negotiated are anything but minimal. Recent gains may have been minimal, but many of the original concessions are just baked in now. Manufacturers are shelling out huge money for those lifetime pensions and such, on top of the high wages they’re paying current workers. And it is

10:43 AM

union power is in the numbers that is why collective bargaining works.

10:36 AM

Not a huge fan of the UAW in particular, having spent 20 years in the auto industry. I do not agree with everything they stand for, and it is deplorable that the union officials are living large off the backs of their constituents.

10:35 AM

What good does the striking workers blocking the white collar workers access do? I would guess that nearly all of those white collar workers have nothing to do with, or have any power in the negotiations. I feel like it just creates unneeded animosity. I’m a big fan of sticking it to The Man, but I am sure all admin

10:16 AM

Doesn’t GM have an oversupply of vehicles currently? So isn’t it in their best interest do draw out these negotiations until they get down to a more healthy supply of cars? This way they don’t have to furlough employees, which I imagine saves a ton of money.

5:12 PM

Every Land Cruiser I drove in a Combat Zone was White

5:09 PM

I’m all for green cars, but not “Army green.” I wish Americans would stop fetishizing the military. C’mon, does everything need to be “tactical” now from trucks to pens? All this machoness is absurd. Anyone driving an Army green or Desert Storm tan colored truck who didn’t serve in the military is a poseur, and anyone

1:43 PM

I think, coming from a generation or so earlier, for me, it was more of a thing where none of the ‘cool’ teens you mention would be caught dead going to a video game store. They were all into Marilyn Manson, skateboarding, or whatever the hell teens in the early 90s did. Video gamers were the outsiders, mostly weird

10:41 PM

Considering the NRA has not answered my question if it’s ok to shoot a cop that’s attempting unconstitutional civil forfoture I believe they themselves are anti-gun.

2:15 PM

The NRA has basically become PETA, only with more money for lawyers and lobbying and less shoestring viral marketing and publicity stunts.

11:10 AM

No no no my friend. The NRA isn’t ‘silent’ on responsible gun control: they spend tens of millions ACTIVELY lobbying/bullying/threatening against every hint of responsible legislation.