the engine will only last 31,000 miles.

Is it legal to drive it on public roads in that condition? Is it still considered “operable” if it isn’t legally allowed on the road?
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And now let us pay tribute to the only good thing to come out of the EA/Porsche partnership

Cadillac is a little high-brow for this crowd anyway. What we need is some kind of car for the people- call it PeopleCar or FolkWagon or something. Read more

I don’t understand what makes the tactic dirty. It was fully within the rules, it took tremendous skill to execute (specifically, to slow the pack while staying out of reach on the straights), and it was fully compatible with a sporting spirit because he was already in first place; there were no further racing Read more

I got here as soon as I could

Malcolm Gladwell had a great podcast this summer on why nobody in the NBA shoots underhand free throws, even if it would definitely help their percentage. Worth a listen Read more

As corroboration, I would like to point out just how *small* those hand prints are. Wonderful.
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Donald Trump was accused by the Justice Department in the 1970's of refusing to rent apartments in his developments to black people. Read more

The single engine that drives his psychology is a desire for dominance. It is about dominance and power. It is being able to walk into a room and take over.
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It looks like he fought...

Well, technically, he IS a five time champion. Its just that he is also a seven time champion. Similar logic as Mitch Hedberg... “I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too” Read more

“Driver went way too fast everywhere, kept the windows down, and tailgated everyone the entire trip to the airport. I made my flight on time, but my coffee spilled everywhere and he overcharged me for luggage even though I just had two carry-ons. Plus he totally botched the apex on the Departures offramp because it Read more

Fuckin’ NASCAR didn’t get my yuge list of complaints: Read more

Your shots are fantastic! Great to see the sun and the fog scenes. You captured so much of the experience (I was there Thurs/Sat)....though you missed sharing the concours quality car show that was the parking lot. Going to buy off your website in 3.2.1....Do you sell prints as big as the Porsche paddock? I was