Puppy chow
10/16/18 9:43PM

“If competing apps come pre-installed on an Android phone, they could theoretically edge their way into Google’s space.” Read more

10/16/18 8:56PM

We are literally on the verge of have 3 internets... EU, China/Asia, and US/rest of the world. Worrisome but clearly the direction we are going.

10/16/18 5:56PM

If you think not having something pre-installed is a detriment to Google, then you should work for Microsoft, because people will just go ahead and download it on their own. Even the beggars message about trying the Edge browser is a failure. 

10/16/18 5:18PM

Can we just disconnect Europe from the internet completely? That's what they want.

10/16/18 4:38PM

This helped cement Google’s massive ad business, because users often just accept the stock apps that come with their phones. Read more

8/31/18 3:51PM

Clearly I didn’t word this sarcastically enough. Leftists are actually missing the joke, and it’s making me sad...

8/31/18 1:26PM

Several models of cars bite the dust vs saving us from as single crossover that never made it over here in the first place. Read more

8/31/18 1:15PM

Alright you left-leaning Jalops, you can no longer say Trump hasn’t done any good for the country anymore! His actions have protected us from another plastic-clad lifted hatchback coming to the US to be branded a “crossover”.

8/13/18 6:34PM

The bug was submitted during the DP4 testing period, was assigned to a Googler in June, and the release build was shipped without a fix. The timestamps prove they knew about it. The release build was shipped with a bug that cripples a (heavily) advertised feature and was marked with a resolution that clearly indicates Read more

8/13/18 12:24PM

It’s definitely charging rapidly. Since this post (14 minutes ago), I’m at 100%. If it weren’t doing rapid charging, I’d still be at 92%.

8/13/18 12:09PM

I saw this happening (on my XL) after I first downloaded the update, but it seems to no longer be an issue for me? (I’m using the original charger):

8/09/18 5:03PM

I don’t see a Chevy selling for 200k but I can see this coming in around 100k to be the 911 fighter that everyone tries to make.

8/09/18 4:02PM

Lets meet up. Between my sass, and your username, I’m sure we’ll get in :D