Mar 5

Financially secure fully-grown woman in her 30s casually dates successful male professional, 50s, who she met through work. Surely there must be a scandal in this thing that functional adults freely choose to do all the time.

Mar 1

Patrick Henry College like all Evangelical colleges is both a wingnut welfare finishing school and a haven for sexual predators. Not surprised anyone coming out of there and in politics is a miscreant.  

Feb 2

‘They’re coming after our guns. They’re trying to tell us what to do, so we can’t have people who are not with us.’” Read more

Feb 2

So, are we supposed to be mad because the WaPo went and did interviews in Cheney territory? The text reports this as they are just reporting the continued support of that former president idiot and the policies that protected the rich and their wanting that to continue. Read more

Jan 14

Jez covered the Ghomeshi situation too, so not doing it for Hammer is extra frustrating. 

Jan 12

We get it, you hate rich people. news at 11. 🙄. Even ones that are at higher risk than your snarky twenty something ass. Get a life.

Jan 5

Nancy Pelosi remains the cilantro of speakers of the house—only a few people adamantly love her while she alienates far more by consistently refusing to get out of the fucking mix despite it being perfectly fine to just serve her up off to the side directly to the people who enjoy her. Read more

Oct 22

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Kristen Welker did not control the mute button. The Debate Commission did. Read more

Oct 21

AOC is a goddamned national treasure. Unabashedly progressive, kicked moderate ass in her elections, calls Republicans on their bullshit, skillfully claps back when they try to attack her, and she somehow successfully managed to merge political awareness with Twitch in a way that didn’t feel forced or scripted? In my Read more

Oct 20

One of my favorite episodes of the criminally underrated show You’re The Worst involves the question of which was the better Genesis: Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins, and how that choice tells you a lot about a person. I’m Team Phil.

Jun 22

For the uninitiated, Nobu is a chain restaurant made famous by the Kardashians, athletes, and actresses who have all rolled up to its Malibu location. Sure, the food earned it critical acclaim on its own merit, but its entrance into the lexicon of modern wealth was cemented by the celebrities who treat it like a Read more

May 18

Or Jezebel readers inspired by people who brag about breaking quarantine for sex?

Apr 17

But conservatives like us need a squad of our own and I’ll build it. So Alabama, put me in the game! Read more

Apr 17

The sky is blue and women get fucked over when they support misogynists.