Jun 22

For the uninitiated, Nobu is a chain restaurant made famous by the Kardashians, athletes, and actresses who have all rolled up to its Malibu location. Sure, the food earned it critical acclaim on its own merit, but its entrance into the lexicon of modern wealth was cemented by the celebrities who treat it like a Read more

May 18

Or Jezebel readers inspired by people who brag about breaking quarantine for sex?

Apr 17

But conservatives like us need a squad of our own and I’ll build it. So Alabama, put me in the game! Read more

Apr 17

The sky is blue and women get fucked over when they support misogynists.

Mar 16

Bernie campaigned for anti-choice candidates as recently as 2017 - and was very dismissive when called out on it. Now we’re supposed to view him as the candidate to protect women’s choices? Read more

Jun 29 2019

It’s weird, because while that question is usually an involuntary tic for those who have been socialized not to be “rude,” a kind of sign of timidity, for her it seems to be a deliberate strategy and power play to one-up the other people in the discussion.  From her, it’s weaponized and passive-aggressive as hell.

Jun 28 2019

Obligatory now for all Meghan McCain related articles.

Nov 6 2017

I bet grade-school Weinstein spent six hours finding a way to cheat on a test that would have taken two hours to study for.

Jul 18 2017

Maybe let the grass roots give it a shot for once. Read more

Oct 19 2016

I know there’s a lot of feelings about Chelsea Handler, but she does seem to have evolved as a human being. She still has that exterior shell but there’s something about her I find lovable and endearing these days

Dec 20 2015

All I want is a GODDAMN MARS BAR but since I live in America all I get is fucking Hershey’s.

Dec 9 2015

Ughhhhh. She never not included them. You guys keep being so hard on her still, as if she had done something awful on purpose. She said what she thought in the moment. Put yourself in her position. You have like a minute to give a speech. You’re nervous, your heart is racing, you just won the biggest award of your Read more

Nov 22 2015

I am so out of fucks to give. I am backordered on fucks. I have called my fucks supplier and they said they said they’re fresh out too. I’m having such a weird time in my life right now.

Oct 31 2014

We had a friendly ghost too! We called her Mary, which was the name of both the wife and the daughter of the Victorian man who built the house. Once we started calling her by this name, she stopped being so spooky and instead became really interactive. She would tuck me in as child when I woke up in the middle of the Read more