Pugnacious Puffin
Jun 19 2015

I second the pre-preparation of food. When we do fairly short weekend camping trips, I like to cook (and eat) better than hot dogs and chips, so I’ll spend a little time prepping foil packs of food that can go straight into the camp fire. Read more

Jun 19 2015

I put light-reflecting tape on anything that’s dark and I might want to find at night. Things like the navy blue stuff sacks for my tent, sleeping bag and ground pad.

Jun 19 2015

Freeze water bottles for you ice chest and use them instead of loose ice. They last much longer. Your food doesn’t get soggy, and you have water to drink. Freeze a case of them and line the bottom of you cooler. I put about two rows in the bottom and I have had them last also a week. If you don’t constantly open the Read more

Jun 19 2015

A touch of vasaline can turn this into little balls/pellets for firestarters. You can make a few dozen at home and put them in a small watertight container to travel with. Especially usefull in damp conditions.

Jun 19 2015

Using dryer lint as a firestarter. The reason you’re supposed to clean your lint-trap is because this stuff is CRAZY flammable, so might as well put that to good use! A handful of this stuff and a few sparks from a firesteel and you’ve got a windproof firestarter.

Jun 18 2015

Am I the only one this bugged? Drogon gets his ass handed to him by a few spear-toting hooligans? In my day, you had to roll a straight-up 20 with an enchanted pole-ax to even graze one of these bastards.. spears. pshh.

Jun 15 2015

Yeah. Oh, here’s a ring for you to find in this endless sea of grass! That’s the only way you’ll know where I was. Read more

Jun 2 2015

Doing the grunt work, keeping economy running. So these Outliers have a change to shine and shame you in motivating you to invent the hover-board. I expect your kick-starter to be up, let’s say, Friday in two weeks. Snap, snap, get to it.

Jun 2 2015

There is always someone who makes us feel old and irrelevant.

Jun 2 2015

We saw a striking pattern in the sky where stripes of high-density plasma neatly alternated with stripes of low-density plasma. This pattern drifted slowly and aligned beautifully with the Earth’s magnetic field lines, like aurorae. Read more

Jun 2 2015

She did that at age 23? What on earth am i doing with my life

Apr 15 2015

This right here proves that some of the best responses are at the bottom of the comment thread.