Jul 9

Public opinion and optics aren’t really much of an issue here. The Lady Antebellum and Lady A soul singer fans have very little overlap in the Venn diagram. Each set of fans will side with their preferred artist, and the fallout for either act will be nothing more than wasted legal fees. No one will boycott Lady Read more

Jul 6

There are still hundreds of functions that you can only access from Control Panel, as they never bothered to bring them over to Settings.app or half implemented them and never finished it. Read more

Jun 28

Your point is so true throughout all aspects of society now. The absolute disdain and vitriol spewed forth by many internet commenters is a perfect example. Nobody is allowed to enjoy anything any more, because everything in some way has a flaw that must be exposed or magnified. I’m an elder millennial and our Read more

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Jun 28

This. The market doesn’t exist anymore. But it’s not crossovers that are the killers of fun. My wife has a Renegade Trailhawk that I don’t like, but there are a lot of fun elements to it. And she loves it. Read more

Jun 27

The vastly superior alternative on all fronts is simple and obvious: hire more actors from marginalized groups and take a stand for the ability of a professional actor to pretend to be somebody (s)he’s not, because that’s the entire goddamn job description. Read more

Jun 26

I’m sorry, but to me this just seems like we are stereotyping different races saying they have to sound black, or sound asian etc. I can see it in specifically written characters like Apu who is meant to speak with the Indian Accent but in the Case of Cleveland, he has a fairly non human high pitched whiny voice... Read more

Jun 26

Legitimate question: Is it really price gouging on a nonessential product or service? If you demand higher-than-MSRP on something like water or food during a shortage, yeah, you’re gouging. But if you can get a big value on your used truck, isn’t that just good resale value?

Jun 26

I keep my distance from them and my mouth shut. No one appointed me Mask Cop and I choose not to take on the risks and hassles of that job. Read more

Jun 17

And by all means, let’s school BOB ODENKIRK on how to write and perform comedy.  FFS.

Jun 17

Pretty much. It’s about a guy (Cross) trying to get arrested just to prove he “knows his rights” in regards to getting arrested. The cop (Key) ignores him, so he goes to greater and greater extremes to get arrested.

Jun 17

The sketch used blackface knowingly as an attempt to punch up, skewering both white privilege and police brutality. There was no racial stereotyping, and people of color weren’t the butt of the joke. Its akin to Tropic Thunder, and it is 100% fine.  Read more

Jun 17

Well the video is marked as private so I can’t quite judge the sketch, but it appears as though the point was, honestly, exactly in line with the times going by the description: Being believed to be black automatically provokes police to violence, and being white gives you a ton of leeway. But I can’t see it so who Read more

Jun 17

This assessment is way-off. The sketch is satirising the way blackface is used by white actors, and is very much ANTI-blackface. He’s not portraying a black character, he’s portraying a white character stupidly using blackface. The sketch even features Keegan-Michael Key, reacting appropriately. This was the best Read more