Jul 28

In my area, a $5k truck is usually rusty and somewhere around 200k miles. It usually looks like most of it’s life is wrung out of it. A decent 20 year old Ranger is the same price, if not more.
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Jul 27

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that robot was hilariously anti-climactic after it “woke up” like that.

Jul 24

Whatever you do, don't use NULL as your plate. You'll get swamped with parking tickets from every illegally parked car with an unreadable licence plate. 

Jul 23

That is a beautiful piece of Internet comment coordination.

Jul 17

Don’t hold back, Jason.  Tell us what you really think.

Jul 7

To each his own. Never has been my cup of tea.

Jun 25

About half of medium-duty (actual medium duty, not marketing “super duty”) box trucks on the road plus pretty much every bus has a cabover design like this. Do we just not care about driver safety for commercial vehicles, or is there some way of making cabover vehicles safe that manufacturers just aren’t using for Read more