Sep 17

I’m going to say something that many of you will likely never even think about. The difference between a 911 S or a 911 4S, and then the 911 Turbo, in term of buyer, is just your level of crazy. Read more

Jun 11

For me, price is a number when compared to my bank account.

Jun 2

Paint this thing red and go looking for Molly Ringwold.

Apr 23

Explain, in as many words as it takes, how “I wish cops wouldn’t kill people” is one side or the other of a political spectrum. 

Mar 24

I have no issues with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard owning a building and I think they’re being really good landlords by not charging rent for April. It’s decent and I wish my apartment complex would do the same. Read more

Mar 10

I read the article: it sounds like the wheels will fall off sooner than later (if one of the other issues doesn’t kill it first). 

Mar 10

...a pine tree air freshener to the car but seems to have failed to remove it from its retail packaging. What is up with that?

Mar 9

So a Land Rover Discovery??? I thought Ford and Land Rover parted ways?

Mar 3

Hey, you spend your weekend how you want to and don’t judge the rest of us! ;)

Feb 20

A little too on the nose..god I hate fucking election years.

Feb 20

The DLC “Centrist Simulator” comes out later where the mechanics are to *say* you want the end-goals of Democratic Socialism, but every time it’s offered to you or a party member brings it up, you have to stomp it out as viciously as possible on your own or siding with your opposition party. Read more

Dec 30 2019

This van is like the pizza chilling out at the end of the all you can eat Chinese buffet: I see you over there doing your thing, and I usually like pizza, but given the situation and where I am, I’m going to pass.

Dec 5 2019

I’ll never get homophobia. Guys like that think they’re teaching their sons to be strong and macho, but by resorting to bullying they look weak to me. It shows a better kind of strength when you love someone even if you don’t agree with their choices (assuming they’re not hurting anybody). Masculinity doesn’t get much Read more