2:57 PM

The “New Democrat” era is the reason most people in this country would vote Democrat today (if they bothered to turn out). The Republican Party has been pulled so far to the extreme right that the majority of people today (including economic moderates with liberal social views who might have gone for a Republican Read more

2:40 PM

Serious question, how do you teach young boys that? Like, how do you teach an 8-year old that? It's fucked up that people don't have an instinct about things like that. But it's very imprecise to say "teach them rape is bad." It's got to be a much more systematic education that combats sexism and misogyny, and sadly Read more

9:45 AM

This is such delightful nonsense. You post a picture of yourself fishing for compliments under the guise of, “I was anorexic but I’m healthy now, but look how hot I looked when I was anorexic (even though, I’m still thin, ‘cause I still fit into that Free People dress! Feminism rawwwr!” and the Jezzies are all, “Right Read more