Sep 3

Let me get this straight: someone is providing a sharing service, without the consent of the entity whose product is being shared, to the disadvantage of others in that space, that allows other third parties to profit from that service. Huh. Something about that sounds oddly familiar. Read more

Aug 13

So, there’s this scene in The Two Towers where the orcs begin murdering each other over whether to eat the Hobbits alive or bring them to Saruman, who will torture them to death. Read more

Aug 11

Christ, Microsoft, just rename your ninth-gen hardware the Xbox Sad Trombone and call it a day.

Aug 11

The marketing, or more specifically, Microsoft’s marketing. Microsoft is talking up the power of the Xbox Series X, which is entirely understandable. But doing so sets a standard, and let’s be honest, the gameplay trailer they showed some weeks back was pretty clearly made while the game was very much a work in Read more

Jun 26

It would be nice someday if Disney gave us a Pirates of Caribbean that featured a lead that was Caribbean, ie representing the polyglot multiracial nature of the region. As someone with a West Indian heritage that was something always notably absent from the franchise. I’m sure the supporting casts will be diverse Read more

Jun 25

I think there’s a huge amount of truth to the “map game” concept here, and it goes some way to explaining why I so rarely complete these vast open world games that I initially fall in love with. I end up getting distracted and caught up in the minutae of side quests and exploration, but by the time I’m ready to return Read more

Mar 10

On the other hand, all Titans tv characters are extremely annoying.  It’s like conversation therapy.  I’m gay, but that show has me hating dick now.

Dec 20 2019

Back when I was in school, we had an assembly near the end of the year where any teachers/faculty that were leaving would be honored and we’d all clap and such. It was always bittersweet when a teacher everyone loved had to leave for whatever reason, but word had circulated that these teachers were laid off for budget Read more

Dec 17 2019

Death Stranding is both one of the most relaxing games and one of the most stressful games of the year. Sometimes I’m just hiking through the snow, ready to go sledding in the post apocalypse with my lil BB, and then BAM snowstorm and I’m tensed the hell up, dodging invisible killer ghosts and trying not to be Read more

Apr 8 2019

The “ideal” of free market capitalism is that competition will increase innovation - selling to customers better products for lower cost. But purchasing third party exclusives isn’t innovation, it’s just the dude with the financial might gobbling up the market, which is essentially how monopolies work — and monopolies Read more

Apr 25 2013

Having never played any Pokemon game, I read this article and made a note to give Gold a try. Seventy-five (!) play-hours later, I knocked off the Elite Four on the first try with Feraligatr, Ampheros, Graveler, Machamp, Bellossom, and Jynx. It's a really fun and super deep game. It must have been really hard Read more