Pretty Terry
Mar 19

I haven’t watched this yet, but I’m assuming from the tone of the previous episodes’ reviews and the actual quality of the episodes, that this is a pretty good episode.

Mar 19

I think Handlen’s being overly harsh. It’s fine if he doesn’t like it, but his criticisms have basically come down to “it’s not how I would have done it”, “this is too different from classic Trek” and “this is too similar to classic Trek”. Read more

Mar 15

I live with a faint hope one day you’ll learn her name is Dolores. No wonder she’s done wit all humans when so many can’t even remember her name.
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Mar 12

Hey I get the internet is the place where fan rage is cool, but I can’t be the only one who is enjoying this show and enjoyed this episode considerably, can I? Read more

Mar 11

The author of this “comment” sounds like he had his balls stolen by a girl in a Prius. This read screams “I am a beta Male, hear my big truck!” Why the personal attacks instead of a poignant comment? Just makes you look like a douche, not me. 

Mar 11

You don’t find it the least bit ironic that they “RESPECT THE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS” but don’t respect the laws they are sworn to uphold?

Mar 11

If this is the kind of shit we allow to happen, then maybe we don’t deserve to modify cars.

Mar 9

By the time a third set of people rushed in, I was legit expecting that by the end of the episode, the full 500 people they were talking about jettisoning a few weeks ago would have spaced themselves. Read more