Jun 3 2019

I’m not a trump supporter and I don’t defend him but those children died because their parents tried to illegally sneak them across the border.  The blame starts and ends there.  

Jun 3 2019

I almost refrained from posting because everyone here is obviously so brainwashed by mainstream media and loves being treated like slaves/bowing to their corporate masters. We have a president who tried to block the AT&T merger due to monopoly concerns, has improved the economy and his actions show that he truly has Read more

Feb 6 2019

I think we’ve entered the gimmick wars stage of truck wars. We’re just one mid cycle refresh away from rear steer (again) and automatic trailer hookup.

Jan 25 2019

I mean, it’s a pretty well-known fact that not only are these looter-shooter type games pretty grindy, but their main player bases LIKE them to be grindy.

Jan 22 2019

If you think about it, Piccolo got the perfect revenge on Goku for the death of King Piccolo. He murdered his father’s killer and then raised his son to the point he had became his father figure.

Jan 10 2019

Am I the crazy one that think it’s not a very good looking car? 

Jan 1 2019

You are correct that I won’t like paying more at the pump, but I am not about to take out a loan on a more fuel efficient car just to stretch my gas budget, especially since my vehicle will be paid off in full.

Dec 16 2018

So there are some examples that it makes sense. crop spraying, its not really smart to expose a worker to the amount of spray they would be required to endure doing the same job, for example, but some of these examples are just stupid

Nov 28 2018

Can we move beyond having dumb associations with “random” ordered plate combinations? You’ll never, EVER, not offend someone.

Nov 14 2018

I’m not stoned enough to appreciate this... yet.

Nov 11 2018

Well, I mean, the i30 is sold in the U.S., it’s just that it’s called the Elantra GT. However, it’s true that we don’t have an Elantra GT N. 

Oct 29 2018

Ok, we will be fair; this 17 year old engine has a head that’s 5 years old.

Oct 26 2018

I’m cool with how much I hate it, so the world remains balanced.

Jul 25 2018

Barrett-Jackson Syndrome, the shit is hilarious. I’ve got a 1969 Nova, it’s not a rare car, it’s not an SS or anything, just something to have fun with. Even buying parts for this thing has become a chore thanks to people who think things are worth far more than they actually are. Read more