Jun 19

no, we need to break up these companies, nationalize their assets and expropriate their wealth. And then put their leaders in prison. That’s what should happen.

Jun 15

Stuff being arned “solely through gameplay”doesn’t mean “no loot boxes”, Kotaku, it means “no microtransations. I’m willing to bet this game will have radomized drops

Mar 6

how do I make it so I never have to see one of this guy’s articles again?

Mar 6

Mike, you *can* vote for whoever you want. You can vote for a middle-east bombing white vanilla gerontocrat out of spite. You can totally pick Joe Biden because you’re mad about a period of history you never experienced. You definitely can employ your pettiness to help get a lot of non-Americans killed when Trump wins Read more

Feb 18

Billionaires don’t need you to protect them you clown goober fools. If someone says “Jeff Bezos is a rat-eating scumbag who should give away all his money and also his head looks like a pea” it doesn’t impact him at all. Why are y’all so dedicated to defending him? You’re never going to be in his place

Jan 13

It’s good that he was banned. Nothing of value will be lost

Nov 21

people love it when you make them pay for shit they dont want

Nov 13

he doesnt like droids because an army of them destroyed his town and killed his family. doy

Nov 11

Apathy *is* malice. There is no middleground anymore. Trying to stay away from or avoid politics actively helps the people trying to perpetuate oppression and counter progressivism. So, like, just come out and say you like fascism, hate black people and stop hiding behind this pathetic appeal to moderation. Just be Read more

Aug 14

Warframe. The modding system is ripped straight out of Warframe.

May 8 2019

why are the Chinese so bad at lying?

Mar 27 2019

Finally I agree with someone on the Right! Conservatives ARE inherently predisposed to white supremacy and nationalism. Thank you for being brave and admitting this about yourself! Read more

Mar 3 2019

Warframe has literally done this exact same think for the past 4 years, and it’s just as notable and worth writing about but it’ll be a cold day in hell before kotaku dot com covers Warframe the same way it does a major triple-ayyyy release from Electronic Arts

Dec 3 2018

Those fucking idiots running tumblr have just thrown out their primary draw: artists. Everyone is scrambling to relocate to twitter or pillowfort or other sites.

Oct 15 2018

nah dude that was totally homophobic. just let people make things gay things wtf is up with you?

Jul 20 2018

hey why not mention this was a Chernovich/alt-right/4chan op? Don’t you think that’s relevant? “Conservative activists” seems a bit of a tame word for these shitstains

Jul 9 2018

I... actually want to see your star trek themed ship

Jun 20 2018

he’s not making any difference, though... Your country is a wreck, politically, economically, and socially, and your people are content to watch it burn on tv