This was my takeaway initially. The first third of the race was brilliant, before they enabled DRS. But it’s a little tough to peg it to one thing or another because cars qualified out of position relative to their speed because of the red flags in practice, so there was bound to be some excitement as they worked Read more

“People weren’t happy” = “Lewis and Toto weren’t happy” Read more

DRS is a terrible gimmick. The sooner it comes to an end the better. If its stays I would prefer that they utilize it in a manner similar to Indycar with push-to -pass: each driver gets X seconds of DRS to use when, where, and how they choose, andwhen its gone its gone. At least it would be a strategic element used in Read more

“Big V10s are expensive and fragile,” says the author, citing exactly nothing. They continue, “Yeah, i’d much rather bolt up a grenade of a turbo to a tiny, high-strung four-banger.” Read more

Me too - I was going to say... ehhh... this is a stretch. Read more

Manual transmissions are overrated for daily driving. Read more

its a 10k.  itll be over in 2 hours.  rest your sphincter. its a fucking sunday morning noone has anywhere important to be.  Read more

methinks you need to re-read what i wrote. Read more

Really? What a bunch of absolute snowflakes. This is the hill they want to die on? Getting vaccinated. Read more

This might be the worst Morning Shift of all time; seriously every gear is a hare-brained take except maybe 2nd. Read more

A bad take on Jalopnik?  Unheard of. Read more

Verstappen and Hamilton’s disputes aside, I’m not sure that track should be on the calendar next year without significant changes. So many high speed blind corners with a major chance of crashes. I watched parts of that race with my stomach in my throat as the cars sped by a ton of debris on track that could have Read more

This... seems like a bad, needlessly dismissive take. Read more

<Max is allowed to, by the intent and letter of the rules, break the rules race and race again with no consequences> Read more

You could move the counterweight towards the center.   Read more

You think MTS had any interest in being there, beyond getting paid to be there? Read more

Brundle has a good reason for chatting with people on the grid. What was Megan doing there, just being famous? The “DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE TALENT” attitude from her clueless bodyguard seems like a good justification for banning entourages from the grid. Read more

That's exactly why they are there. UK legislation requires that the indicators and lights are visible with the boot (trunk) open. Most manufacturers would design the car so that the lights were outboard of the lid, Aston Martin were clearly smoking something when they designed the Lagonda and thought, what the hell :) Read more