Aug 8 2016

Love him or not, he’s one of the best, and I happen to agree with his conclusion. Though it’s nothing concrete or a difficult to get to decision, he addresses a common trend, and I think correctly.
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May 17 2016
RIP Guy Clark

Guy was very important to music, though not well known, not to mention a saint. Give him a listen, even if you’re

Apr 21 2016
Wild RUF!

This thing sounded so angry. And those fenders and fender meat! Not sure if the wing is RUF or not.

Apr 19 2016
Judging Monster Jam

So it turns out, instead of just going to Monster Jam like I usually do, I get to judge the freestyle portion.

Apr 13 2016

Just a reminder:

Apr 4 2016

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone tail out, due to FWD, but I did it today in the heavy Z and remembered how

Apr 1 2016

Your sidekick.

Mar 31 2016

4th Gen Eclipse. Been a while since I’ve seen one, especially this nice looking. Could do without the wheels. The body has grown on me in the last few years too, I hated them for a while.

Mar 28 2016

Alto Works in Houston! Someone at least go check this out.

Mar 27 2016
Frito pie burger

Mmmm, going to eat this thing I managed to make. Then fucking sleep through Easter morning and it’s pastel glory.

Mar 23 2016
Best Friendz

Met another 300zx today. Do not dig the wheels, but it was a cool work in progress.

Mar 21 2016

Season 1 was great but season 2 is even better, especially as a punisher fan of 20+ years. Casting is great, and the retelling of these stories in a current time works very well. They’ve pulled from multiple older sources to make this all work well. Best comic book cinema to date.

Mar 19 2016
To a T(T)

I’ve never seen an AutoZone edition TT before. How strange. Also nice CTS-V in the same lot.