Though I agree with the part about his hardcore supporters, that’s my thought too. I’d rather he live long enough to see himself broken, with all he’s grifted confiscated, or somehow lost through whatever means. A quick death would be too painless and rather he suffer some for all the shit he’s done. Never thought Read more

Yes! He needs to be alive so charges can be brought against him and we can watch President Biden NOT pardon him. I will consider baking a cake and celebrating with my odd suburbia neighbors who self-righteously tell me that all lives matter (insert razzberry here).
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I’ll take a decade of him rotting and suffering in prison along with his child who helped. Read more

Although it would be nice if he could decay somewhere out of the public eye. Like prison, for instance. Read more

Remember the “to the pain” reference in The Princess Bride?
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Her death really has stuck with me. Read more

This was also mainly an excuse to post the lovely Hawking 50p, which I got in my change today and made me happy. Read more

I always loved how British currency has scientists on it. Read more

Now THAT is a goddamned coin! Nicely done, you scurvy dogs! Read more

There was also an death by overdose. Three people in a cast of young people dying is remarkably creepy. Lea Michele being an asshole isn’t really part of it. Read more

I often refer to my child as “Local Student 1,” so. Read more

They look exactly alike here. Read more

Yeah I want to know how THAT happened.   Read more

And also now explained that Nestor is not “officially” adopted. Um, and not a foster, so legally he is a kid that has lived undocumented with an unrelated adult for seven years, which I don’t think is legal at all, whatever the justification or good intentions.
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Adding to the oddness, Nestor is his ex-girlfriend’s brother. So, a 12 year old boy moves out of his parents’ (who were still living and had custody) house to live with his sister’s 31-year old boyfriend and doesn’t move out when they break up. 7 years later it is announced that he is the “father” of his Read more

that irons out a string of the issues - but he’s said he “isn’t blood”. Read more

It’s SO weird, and so foolish. Apart from the absolute irrelevance of this revelation to the conversation he was having, does he not realise that he can’t unring this bell? Anyone can see that Gaetz isn’t the brightest candle on the Christmas tree, but does he really think there will be no follow up questions? Read more

I don’t think I would have had the nerve had they said okay. Neither one of them could imagine their aunt in that light. Read more

In my younger days I thought “Why is Obi-Wan’s lightsaber like that? Is it losing power?”
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