Please Let This Gif Explain...
Jun 3 2015

Pleeeeasse please just be an example of gaming companies defaulting to white male protagonists in trailers. Please don’t have a preset character you are stuck with. Creating your own Vault Dweller/Chosen One/Lone Wanderer/Courier is half the fun.

Jan 27 2015

I'm am still opposed to the death penalty on principle, but ... some people, man. It's like the guy in Oklahoma who was reportedly gasping for breath during the execution. At first I was horrified, but when I read what he did my first thought was, "Oh, well, fuck that guy." Again, still absolutely think the death Read more

Jan 25 2015

While it's true people are getting married and having kids later today then they did a couple decades ago, they were the anomaly, not us. Post war prosperity allowed both men and women to marry and have children at significantly younger ages than historical averages. My great grandmother got married at 25 and had 23 Read more

Jan 25 2015

People have been looking into BPA for a while now and the evidence is not good. It's not just plastics, it's also detergents and many fertilisers and pesticides too, so pretty much everything we do with our food. The effect this has on the general environment is pretty horrible too.

Jan 21 2015

Seriously. Kanye is the most metro dude ever. As if he'd have body odor. He smells of unicorns and Givenchy fragrance, duh. Read more

Dec 31 2014

I've read a lot of crazy stuff about Giada (her sleeping with not just John Mayer but Drake and Tyson Beckford, her being in a lavender marriage with her husband), but most of it is just speculation. I also read that her father was an abusive asshole sent from hell. I was reading an article from 1994. It talked about Read more