Jan 26 2017
Custom Question

Does anyone have experience using bare metal foil on diecast? More specifically on plastic bases.

Jan 24 2017
A Local Trade HAWL

I swapped my country roads greenie for this bad boy. I love the paint and the lettering on the tires. I’m happy to

Jan 23 2017
Dye Z

It’s hard to tell but a polished and clear coated body makes the dye look like spectraflame. I missed a few spots

Jan 22 2017
Chase Trade Bait

It’s up for grabs. The box is in much better shape than the picture shows. Looking for other M2 chases.

Jan 21 2017
Quick Custom

Here is my 1955 Chevy Bel Air. This car is an experiment in polished trim. After stripping the car I hand polished

Jan 20 2017
Custom Camaro

Here is the 2017 D case treasure hunt. The ‘69 Camaro Z28. It has been stripped and hand polished to a nice shine. A

Jan 19 2017
Last call

Next Monday these are to be sacrificed to the diecast gods. I have seen people having a hard time finding these 2 so

Jan 17 2017
Camaro Fifty

2017 marks the 50 year anniversary of the Camaro. I’ve been looking forward to this set for months now. I must say

Jan 16 2017
More Dye

I liked the results of my dye experiments yesterday so I picked up a few more colors today. It’s a very simple