May 18 2015

I’ve never been into the show. To me, it always reminded me of when every comic book decided to go “grim and gritty” in the 90s. One most juvenile things to believe is that constant senseless hopelessness and violence are somehow inherently mature. It’s a 13 year old boy’s vision of what adult art should be like.

Aug 13 2013

Hey if you guys liked this video watch all of Jello's other ones! He's absolutely hilarious!

Jul 2 2013

I'm reading through the comments, and I can't help but notice a single constant amongst them. At least everyone has a few villagers they like. In my beloved town of Mint, I have one villagers worth his salt, Apollo. As if he descended upon my town like Charlie Sheen himself, this Eagle rock star from Mars is the Read more

Sep 13 2009

I refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of what is essentially a marketing buzzword. Read more