Attack It! (fka SVVIP)
Oct 9

Was this flat in Croydon? You said ‘hellscape’ and Croydon came to mind :)

Oct 8

THIS! Those assholes straight up broke the number one public transit code, if a lone traveller is being harassed you bring them into your travel fold!  Read more

Oct 8

I came from a pretty heavily sexist household. My brothers know what they’re “supposed” to say about women now so they’re not as obviously sexist as they used to be, but... Read more

Oct 8

Ugh I’m so sorry that you were punished for being sexually harassed. My family wasn’t always Evangelical (I was raised Calvinist until 3rd grade) so my parents didn’t seem to have absorbed the “women are responsible for preventing the male sexual gaze” bullshit that’s so prevalent in that culture, but I heard it ALL Read more

Oct 8

As a man? It disgusts me. Also makes me grateful that I was raised by far more thoughtful parents than any of these pigs. I think my upbringing was largely the result of my father being raised predominantly by my grandmother. My grandfather on that side was... not really part of the picture for a long time. My Read more

Oct 8

My boy Buddy squeaks his displeasure at being left in the house when I go out to do lawn/garden work, about once every 30 seconds I hear a squeaky yelp. Does that count? Also stays on his side of bed, does not hog remote. 

Sep 13

I spent a looooong moment thinking about what sort of thing I wanted to say to capture my feelings here, because I think all sorts of bad things about this person who hurt our friend. Read more

Sep 4

As a vet, owners like you make our work easy. Thank you for going above and beyond for your kitty <3

Sep 4

Oh shit, I hear ya. Vacation? Ha! My cat is being treated, long-term, for a rare spinal infection. The antibiotics are damaging her stomach so there are meds and food rituals to deal with that. She knows when she’s going to get her meds (which have to be given with food), so she refuses to eat. She’s also really smart Read more

Sep 4

This reminds me in a way of the “touring slum” shit that took off after the publication of Angela’s Ashes, by Frank McCourt. While the memoir is not fake, it did inadvertently touch off a craze for touring the slum it was set in. Blithely ignoring the actual story about the brutality and crushing weight of Read more

Sep 2

As always, when people bring up John Boyega, I think about how he blew me away in Attack the Block.  The industry is fucking dumb if it doesn’t listen to him.

Aug 27

Okay, when I read this letter, my first reaction was: wow, this person is making several bad (unjustified) inferences. The relationship he describes reminds me of one I was in and, similarly, if you ask my ex his side of the story, he too would be taking lots of credit for why my life is the way it is. In reality, I Read more

Aug 27

You guys! I just started playing DnD and had the most fun writing my character’s backstory. This first campaign has been pretty awkward (3 total noobs and my BIL as DM - we do alot of looking things up in the book and super stilted dialogue) but it is SO MUCH FUN. I’m playing a half-elf rogue faction agent with a rock Read more

Aug 17

I believe so, since it’s mentioned in the very first sentence of this article...