Attack It! (fka SVVIP)
Nov 25

Sorry for making a whole post, but I just tried to go there and it’s no longer in my list of communities, and it’s

Jun 6 2019

Good morning! After about 2 years, KINJA HAS STARTED TELLING ME I HAVE NOTIFICATIONS!!! I am very excited by this.

Jan 22 2019

I strongly suspect that this is the worst time of year to ask people to consider donating towards anything, but

Aug 27 2018

How is your Monday? We have a bank holiday in the UK so I’m off work today. I was lazier than I planned over the week

Aug 17 2018

I don’t want to bother the writers I know about this because I don’t want them to feel obliged, they probably get ask

Jul 20 2018
Good Things Post

Otherwise known as an excuse for me to scream about Seungri’s solo album dropping today :) I’ve been waiting since 20

Jun 4 2018

I need to vent this out, so please go ahead and use this post to do the same for things you need to vent about. I am

Apr 10 2018

This says it’s from 3rd April so I must have missed it before. This one really resonated with me, and I wanted to

Mar 13 2018
Kitty Celebrations

In happy news, today is Molko’s 21st birthday! She can legally drink in the US now but she would rather lounge on

Dec 26 2017

If you don’t know what Boxing Day is, well neither do I really but I get a day off for it and that’s what counts.

Dec 20 2017

We are interviewing for a senior position within one of our operational teams. A woman was interviewed for the role

Dec 18 2017

I just need somewhere to put this. I know this is a weird place for it perhaps but I really dont know where else to

Nov 12 2017
Music Theme of the Week

Well. Perhaps I shouldn’t say ‘of the week’, because I think it’s quite obvious I just don’t have the energy to keep

Jul 10 2017

I’m not expecting GT to solve this for me, I’m just wondering if anyone had any experience with this or

Jun 7 2017

I hope I’m not stepping on any toes but I need a good things post today. No matter how small, please share. Let me