Pie 'oh' Pah
Mar 4

The book was perfect. And while it did work as a romance, it also happened to be the most perfectly plotted time-travel story I’ve ever come across. With as complicated as all the threads were there was never a paradox created. Read more

Feb 18

Same with my Samsung 12.2 Galaxy Note Pro. Even the thought of of moving down to a 10" screen isn’t something I couldn’t tolerate. Samsung stopped updating it years ago, so I’m dreading the day I finally have to replace it.

Dec 14

So the NY Post is almost as much of a group of scumbags as Jezebel then.

Feb 21 2020

Best comment here. Also, where’s my Watchers sequel already, Dean?

Feb 16 2020

was killed by a “lethal cocktail of incompetence, arrogance, short-sightedness, and sociopathic delusion.” Read more

Feb 15 2020

That’s the B-side to the Point Dread story which is also available from the same uploader

Feb 14 2020

I’m good with Henry Rollins, but my absolute favourite voice for Tri-Klops was this (3:30 if it doesn’t auto-queue)

Jan 24 2020

Not that I’m aware of.  Or at least not in the TV/movies stuff.  I’m sure they probably have in the comics or novels at some point.

Jan 15 2020

Christ, this was awful. The Easter eggs were kind of cool, but that was about it. Served as a good reminder why I’ve quit all of these except Batwoman (the best of the bunch by a wide margin) and The Flash (probably dropping that finally unless it improves over the completely dreadful first half of the season. Never Read more

Jan 14 2020

You’re wasting your time. He’s just going to dismiss this in the morning like he does with absolutely everyone who calls him out or even just mildly disagrees with him on anything. It’s why I generally only bother a few times a year just to remind him there’s some of us who still remember who he really is. This Read more

Jan 13 2020

Did your ignorant, racist ass seriously just try to call out someone else for stalking here? You do know we’ve all seen your sad, pathetic comments harassing everyone (and everyone they interact with) who isn’t an angry little incel like you, right, Jman? The dozens of upvotes on that comment should be your first Read more

Jan 10 2020

I can't believe the only comment pointing out all that was buried down in the greys. That second video was fantastic!