OBD1 Kenobe
Dec 10

“runs out at what we call Ferrari revs, so around 9500 rpm.”

Aug 22 2019

It is ‘shopped. But the actual truck has larger wheels and more lights.

Aug 12 2019

It’s innovative, but it’s no retroturboencabulator.

Aug 6 2019

That’s a shitload of downforce.

Jul 22 2019

A Mid Engine does not a super car make.  LOL

Jul 18 2019

I used to be anal about washing and detailing my car, would wash it 2 or 3 times a week and detail it each time, that all ended when I had twins. If I wash my car twice a year now that’s typical. You show me a newer parent who’s still super anal about their cars appearance, I’ll show you a bad parent.

Jul 11 2019

Because it takes the skill out of driving. You end up with follow the leader racing, all dictated by ABS and traction control. No one watches that, so it kills the series. But if you have cars that are tough to tame, it lets the good drivers stand out from the pack and allows for more daring passes. If you want to see Read more

Jul 11 2019

This is why the magazine died - people are too lazy to read a 300-word short story, but think nothing of making a stupid comment.  You can’t make stupid comments in magazines, Bradley.

Jun 18 2019

RIP Kelly Johnson and Ben Rich.

Jun 4 2019

Deserves the “Most Punchable Face in Motorsport” trophy, edging out Lance Stroll as a close second 

May 28 2019

Listen, I don’t know who in the hell you think you are coming around here with your ‘facts’ and ‘knowledge’; but I’m going  to have to ask you to leave. Don’t make me call security.

May 20 2019

Unprepared is an understatement. This is an actual photo of Alonso in their original backup car.

May 9 2019

Mentioned this on a different Big Boy story, but you get to add 1/4 to 1/3 to quoted steam numbers when comparing because they were rated at the draw bar. Diesel is rated at the shaft, before mechanical and tractive losses. 

Apr 30 2019

I remember when driving was actually all you wanted to do. To enjoy the freedom it brought. To take a look at your surroundings and see what’s new or take in an unseen sight. Read more