Philly Redsox

That camera bump is a god damn war crime.
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So its, “So long, Gary Bowser?” Read more

Yeah but he wouldn’t hit me because I’m not a woman. Read more

TBH I’d rather have them remake minish cap with the new link’s awakening style over remaking skyward sword.

Hell, I’d take a CDi collection over skyward sword lol.
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Counterpoint: while it’s definitely not perfect by any means, I personally like it a LOT more than many other Zelda games, and it’s in my top five Zelda games list. Admittedly, it’s number five on that list. Still, I would play it anytime over games like Twilight Princess or Phantom Hourglass. But then I’m probably Read more

AAA gaming was a fucking mistake.
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Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho would be proud.

That’s why I got mine. My black ass could end up unemployed or dead whenever, so why not enjoy it? Read more

This ones easy. Find out where relatives of Gamestop execs are buried and do the dance on their actual graves and send it in. Bonus points if you get a fake headstone with the still living execs names on it in the background. Read more

Lately I have been wondering: with the PS2, PS3 and PS4, Sony has always had a portable console alongside (PSP and PS Vita). I don’t think they’ll make a new one, but what if the new PSVR was actually a standalone device like the Quest? I mean a headset able to run its own games wirelessly, with inside out tracking, Read more

Ehh, I think one trip to Facebook is enough to show that people are perfectly capable of being dicks with their real name on full display. The real problem is that few platform holders are willing to hand out any sort of punishment. Every banned account is one less account to mine for data, and one less pair of eyes Read more

Oddly enough the only way for someone to fuck their own face would be in virtual reality, really makes you think.... Read more

Can we add one more thing to that list? Read more

Why are you surprised? Isn’t finding bugs exactly what betta testing is for? Read more

Nice try, Todd.

Yes. The streamer on Twitch Hiro_Soft was playing the randomizer. He tried to kill the spiders with Aura Barrer and got warped to the pyraamid. Then he was able to reproduce the warp, and it lead him in different place. Then the Twitch Streamer Mr_Freet played with the pixel with the stream Solarcell007 and the both Read more

This is the first skip, which is a category of glitch. Other glitches already exist; in Illusion, there are glitches that let you use Freedan when you’re not supposed to, giving you additional damage. Read more