Mar 13

Also, don’t use Tor on your work computer because then I have to run around trying to figure out if your account got compromised since the credentials were used to login in what often appears to be somewhere in eastern Europe.

Jan 19

Still traumatised by the monstrosity that is the Hyundai Tiburon’s first facelift.

Jul 30 2019

BMW can save the Z4 by making it a convertible SUV.

Oh, no, wait...

Jul 27 2019

Some dumbass will bite. They always do. When you sell cars, the amount of people that are willing to over pay on sticker or on monthly payments just to be able to say they are the first to have a car is crazy. Always has been. Read more

Jul 26 2019

Pretty much every sports car made gets redlined by test drivers or lot boys with 10 miles on them. Sometimes after sitting all winter with a 1/2 gallon of shitty gas in the tank. Yet, no one has come up with a reliable test for determining if the break in procedure was followed. Read more

Jul 25 2019

Oh ya, because the person shopping for a Honda Fit TOTALLY has $45k to drop on a Silverado. Have fun with your 84 month car loans.

Jul 22 2019

100% agree. This is how you build a mid range sports car. I’ve always been a big supra fan. Never owned one though. I do have a 3SI now. Supra was such a let down overall. And now this?  I’ve never wanted a Vette other than a 1st gen replica so I could actually go drive it. Never thought I’d say it - but damn - I Read more

Jul 20 2019

Far as I’m concerned GM just gave the middle finger to the Supra.

Jul 20 2019

That SUV has now seen more crawling than the average Wrangler. *zips up flame suit*

Jul 16 2019

I love Turner mouthing “it’s fucking baseball” like if this were any other two players there would be a blood feud started over that pitch.  Turner is just one of the cool ones.

Jan 14 2018

Why didn’t she simply walk out? Why did she blow him? This is clearly a consensual sexual encounter she later regretted. “I didn’t really want to do it, but I did anyway” is not sexual misconduct. Read more

Nov 5 2017

It’s less about the act and more about the fact that it wasn’t part of the script, and the ONLY reason Duffers added it in was BECAUSE it made Sink uncomfortable. That’s an asshole move, no matter what. Why does that matter? Because we, as a society, need to stop making excuses and letting people get away with acting Read more

Nov 5 2017

Holy cow, are we making an issue out of this? I saw the Beyond Stranger Things episode myself and Sadie was embarrassed, but not traumatized. If you get a job in Hollywood you eventually have to pretend to kiss people you don’t love in real life. It’s how acting works. Quit grasping at straws just because you’re Read more